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Planning and Assessment Services for Azure

Assessment and planning is the first and crucially important step in your journey with MS Azure. Our approach is truly unique, as we pride ourselves on close client relationships in order to understand your unique business situation. Thorough assessment is a vital building block for a successful migration and deployment strategy. First, we will gain insight into your apps, workloads and dependencies. Based on our assessment, we will construct a short-term and long-term strategy that will guide you through uncertainty in all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Piecing Together a Robust Azure Migration Plan

Adopting MS Azure may seem complex, and that’s why our goal is to support and not constrain our clients throughout the process. Our experienced consultants understand how to manage the assessment phase to derive a plan that will support your short-term, and long-term objectives alike. The key short-term objective is successful migration with minimized interruptions. We will assist with outlining a myriad of factors that will facilitate short-term wins. For instance, we will establish which apps can be moved to cloud, how are your apps interconnected, or which apps should be migrated first. In terms of long-term planning, we will address issues such as:

  • Staffing
  • System requirements
  • Processes
  • Regulatory compliance

Planning for Maximizing the Value of Your IT Assets

Securing a team of qualified experts that will ensure smooth migration through diligent planning and cost reduction is key in moving your infrastructure to cloud. To help with long-term business imperatives, Apps4Rent is positioned as your strategic partner throughout the assessment and planning process to deliver optimal speed, performance and agility of your IT assets. Your operational and financial advantage is our primary objective, meaning that we will build a plan with the best possible utilization of your apps for the best possible return on your investment.

Our 3-Step Assessment & Planning Process

  • Assessment

    What apps can be moved? What method can be used?
    Assessment of the environment, infrastructure, workloads, apps.

  • Migration Planning

    How will we execute the migration and deployment process?
    Mapping app dependencies, interconnectivity and priority of apps.

  • Forecast

    How do we assess the feasibility and return on investment (ROI)?
    Calculating costs, and expected return on investment following migration to MS Azure.

We have 14 years of experience in on-premise and Cloud implementations of Microsoft products such as MS Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server, Hyper-V, and virtual desktops.
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