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Now that the iPhone enjoys greater integration with Microsoft Exchange, it’s safe to say that it can also be an effective business tool. With the ability to sync iPhone with your company’s Microsoft Exchange server, you’re never out of touch unless you want to be. Enhanced security and pass codes, as well as the ability to remote wipe, makes sure sensitive information is protected, while giving you the freedom to leave the office.


  • 99.99 % Uptime
  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 24/7 Expert Staffing
  • Top Tier Data Centers

Easy Terms

  • No Setup Fee
  • Quick Setup
  • Use your Domain or Ours
  • Month to Month Payments
  • No Long Term Contract
  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial

Email, contacts and calendar events are all pieces of information that keep a business ticking. Sync iPhone with other accounts for email, contacts and calendar. iPhone’s features make it easy:

iPhone Email

With the newest iPhone versions, 3G and 3GS, the frustrations of trying to see email on a phone are gone. Email features include:

View email in rich HTML, the same way you would on your computer
Download and view images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and other necessary business files
Works with most industry-standard IMAP or POP mail systems
Allows you to add multiple accounts (multiple Exchange accounts with iPhone OS 4.0 coming out in the summer of 2010)
Full Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for Enterprise use
Landscape touch-finger keyboard with spell-check, cut, copy and paste
Send email to an address on a web page or map by tapping the link
Call someone by tapping an emailed phone number
Instantaneously sync iPhone and Microsoft Outlook email with Exchange

iPhone Contacts

The iPhone contacts function allows you to add, delete and edit your contacts, much like any mail program. Add contacts through the recent calls list and assign a photo to each contact for easy recognition of the caller. The most exciting feature, however, is the ability to sync iPhone with other accounts. With iPhone email, contacts and Exchange capabilities, you can meet with a potential client, add their information and sync iPhone with your Outlook contacts in an instant. Likewise, if you add contacts to other email accounts and sync iPhone with those accounts, your iPhone contacts will always match contacts from other accounts.

iPhone Calendar

iPhone Calendar works to bring all your important calendar information together in one spot. Subscribe to an event calendar such as a sports schedule, or add a business meeting to Calendar with a touch. Set alerts to remind you when an important date is coming up. As well, Calendar works with major platforms such as Outlook, iCal, MobileMe and Exchange ActiveSync to make sure you’re always up-to-date. Settings allow you to sync iPhone with a computer or other accounts automatically or on command.

iPhone is an excellent business tool. More than a phone, it’s a secretary and mobile computer in the palm of your hand. With few exceptions, iPhone can manage email accounts, contacts, calendar events, important documents and more, all from a central location – your phone. So, step out of the office with confidence; with the iPhone, you can still keep your finger on the pulse of business.