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iPod Touch Exchange

iPod Touch, or iTouch, falls under the category of portable media player. The addition of the iTunes software turns iTouch into a computer that can sync photos, videos, Web bookmarks, e-mail settings, calendars and contact information, among others. Due to its many capabilities, recent updates and the upcoming (summer 2010) OS 4.0 update, iPod Touch can be custom-built for business and training applications.


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Many of the features included on Mac and iPhone exist in iTouch. Yes, iPod Touch is a great way to listen to music, but it’s also a great business tool. Here are just a few examples:

Web browsing

iPod Touch doesn’t just allow web browsing, but allows the full browsing experience. iTouch uses the Mac browser, Safari – more than just a mobile browser – and can open more than eight Web tabs at a time. This is great for multitasking and productivity.


The mobility of iPod Touch may seem an obvious point; it is, after all, only a little bigger than pocketsize. However, it’s worth repeating. iTouch can go anywhere you go: at a client’s office, in the car, in a conference room – anywhere.


iPod Touch includes browsing functions for more than just public Web applications. For enterprises that use VPN, iTouch can connect to either Windows or Mac servers, giving access to internal company Web applications.

Exchange sync

Released updates of the OS have increasingly had better support for Exchange Server, otherwise known as ActiveSync. One of the biggest boons for iPod Touch users, Exchange support in the iTouch allows sync connection for enterprise-level businesses. This support allows encrypted data transmissions and secure access to corporate networks.

iPod Touch, Exchange and Sync

The new Exchange client came to iTouch in 2008. Since then, the sync capabilities have become even better. iPod Touch has been called “the best hand held implementation of Exchange Email”. Email is scrollable, and Exchange allows the built-in calendar application to sync with your Outlook Calendar. It also imports Outlook contacts.

As with iPhone, iTouch and Exchange allows complete freedom away from the office. With Exchange sync capabilities, all of your calendar, contact and email information can be brought to iPod Touch with a few taps of the finger.

How does hosted Exchange help iPod Touch make your on-the-move business efforts better? Here are just a few:

While iTouch can help you stay connected, a hosted Exchange account helps you stay connected to the constant ebb and flow of a thriving corporation. Your business can, literally, be ran from any location.
For iPod Touch and Exchange to seamlessly connect, you need ActiveSync. ActiveSync comes with your account, allowing you to keep all your emails, contacts and calendar events in one place – your iTouch.
Hosted Exchange includes high Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus software, keeping your business information more secure.
Exchange allows “remote wipe”, the ability to remotely remove all information on your iTouch if it’s lost or stolen.
Entourage 2008, included in our hosted Exchange accounts, allows you to sync your home Mac with your office Exchange account or vice versa.
While iPod Touch doesn’t currently support multiple users, hosted Exchange does, allowing Global Contact Lists and scheduling for groups. With a hosted Exchange account, you can instantly send company-wide information to management, employees or specific staff members on a secure connection.