How to Resolve Windows 365 Cloud PC Provisioning Issues?

Windows 365 Cloud PC was made available to the general public on 2nd August 2021. The solution was so well received, that Microsoft had to pause the Windows 365 Cloud PC trials only a day after sign-ups. Many Windows 365 Business Cloud PC had faced provisioning issues. Users with Microsoft Intune would have received the MC275872 message with the steps to resolve the issue. Other users who do not use Azure AD Premium P1 require additional assistance. Here is a brief description of the steps involved in resolving the Windows 365 Business Cloud PC provisioning issue.

How to Resolve Windows 365 Business Cloud PC Provisioning Issue?

Follow the steps below to complete the Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning if Microsoft Intune is not used.

  • Log in to the Azure Admin Portal with global admin access or an account with rights to modify Azure AD. Ensure that Mobility (MDM and MAM) is not visible. If the option is available, follow the steps below to discontinue.
  • Log in to Graph Explorer with Global Admin credentials and click on Access for the permission prompt.
  • The policy Scope should be set to none for Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Intune policies for the tenant.
  • Retrieve the list of device management policies in the tenant using the mobileDeviceManagementPolicies API.
  • Set the “appliesTo” property to “none” for the patches 0000000a-0000-0000-c000-000000000000 and d4ebce55-015a-49b5-a083-c84d1797ae8c.
  • Verify that the scope of the device management policies has changed, and then click on the Reset button on the Cloud PC IW Portal for reprovisioning.
  • Reset the newly provisioned Cloud PC by selecting the gear icon on the Cloud PC card on the Windows 365 homepage.

How To Troubleshoot Typical Windows 365 Cloud PC Provisioning Errors?

Here are some of the common errors that can occur with Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning.

  • Users might not be allocated the full OS storage based on their Windows 365 license. This issue is typically resolved by reprovisioning.
  • The Cloud PC might not get attached to the on-premises Active Directory (AD) domain. Use the JsonADDomainExtension Azure function for domain joining after verifying that the credentials are correct, there are sufficient permissions, and the vNet and subnet can reach the domain controller.
  • If the hybrid Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) join fails, ensure that the sync period is not more than 60 minutes so that the provisioning does not time out.
  • If Intune is used, and there is an error, ensure that there are no MDM enrolment restrictions. The endpoints should be available in the Cloud PC vNet.
  • If the Cloud PC provisioning fails, a new vNic and IP address will be allocated each time the process is retried. Ensure that there are more than enough IP addresses in the vNet for at least 3 attempts.
  • Provisioning can fail if the Intune tenant and the on-premises network connection are not healthy.
  • No Azure policy should restrict Windows 365 from creating Azure objects.
  • If Windows 365 provisioned the Cloud PC but did not disable the built-in Windows reset option, users might be able to manually trigger the built-in Windows reset option. However, the Cloud PC will not be able to reset completely, making it unusable. The only option to fix this error is to reprovision the Cloud PC.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Cloud PC Setup

Although Windows 365 Cloud PC is a fully managed service, there could be challenges in provisioning and management, especially in the early stages. There is relatively little documentation on troubleshooting issues, and tickets raised with Microsoft could take time to get resolved.

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