What Are the Different Types of Reports in Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a new category of cloud computing solution introduced by Microsoft to deliver a full-fidelity Windows operating system streaming service to a wide range of endpoints that can operate even with low internet bandwidth. It can be managed with familiar tools, such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which are used by enterprise admins for managing physical workstations. Many of the security and compliance tools and services that were previously only capable of protecting physical devices have now been extended to protect Windows 365 Cloud PCs as well. In this article, we will focus on Windows 365 Endpoint analytics reports, which give admins rich, proactive, and out-of-the-box analytics on key performance metrics to optimize end-user experience.

What Reports Does Windows 365 Endpoint Analytics Provide?

Microsoft announced the introduction of Windows 365 Endpoint analytics to proactively monitor Cloud PCs. Admin can use these reports to generate insights about general resource performance and remoting connections. Admins can track the quality level of both Cloud PC and physical PC environments from the main dashboard, optimize the user experience and track progress effortlessly. Below are the two types of reports available for Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

  • Resource Performance Report

    Admins need to identify the right configuration for providing end-users an optimal user experience while assigning Windows 365 Cloud PCs. There are several challenges involved in allocating the appropriate level of resources based on individual requirements, monitoring performance, identifying and troubleshooting issues, and proactively resolving problems. Windows 365 Resource performance report provides admins with the tools and information necessary to overcome such challenges and ensure that user experience is not compromised.

    The Resource performance report can help admins optimize vCPU and RAM resources for Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Here are the four tabs of the Resource performance report.

    • The Resource performance score tab provides the overall performance rating (from 0 to 100) of all Cloud PCs, along with the breakdown of CPU and RAM resource performance. Admins can set the Baseline values and take advantage of insights and recommendations to improve the scores.
    • The Model performance tab in the Resources performance report displays the CPU spike time and RAM spike time scores for each Cloud PC model SKU.
    • The Device performance tab displays the CPU spike time and RAM spike time scores and percentages for each Cloud PC device.
    • The Device history displays specific information for an individual Cloud PC. If the device score is below the pre-defined baseline, the Windows 365 Cloud PC can be resized to improve performance.
  • Remoting Connecting Report

    Remoting connection report for Windows 365 Cloud PCs helps admins in assessing the quality of connections and the impact on user experience. Round trip time, which is the speed measured in milliseconds (ms) and reliability of network connections from the user location, and the Sign in time (sec) is the total time users take to connect to the Cloud PC, measured in seconds (sec) are the key metrics presented in this report in the Remoting connection tab.

    Similar to the Resource performance report, the Remote Connecting report also provides the Model performance tab, Device performance tab, and Device history to review Round trip time and Sign-in time.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Windows 365 Deployments

Windows 365 Endpoint Analytics Reports provide comprehensive information about the usage of Cloud PCs and help admins take remedial actions to fix issues proactively. However, many issues might require additional technical assistance in troubleshooting, for which the insights generated from the reports might not suffice.

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