How to Run Windows 365 Cloud PC on iPad?

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC is designed as a virtualization solution that will allow users to run the full-fledged Windows operating system (Windows 10 and Windows 11) on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Linux devices. With Microsoft 365 Cloud PC, Mac and Linux users can stream the Windows experience with apps, settings, and data securely, and pick work from where they had left in their previous session. Windows 365 Cloud PC is an ideal solution for businesses that have adopted a flexible working model and need to access data using different platforms. In this article, we will focus on the process involved in using Windows 365 Cloud PC on iPads.

What Are the Advantages of Using Windows 365 Cloud PC on iPads?

Connecting an iPad to use Windows 365 Cloud PC enables users to run a complete Windows operating system on the Apple tablet for specific scenarios. Here are some of the advantages of using Windows 365 Cloud PC on iPads.

  • Users can run applications such as Microsoft Power BI Desktop that run only on Windows using their iPads.
  • Users requiring Windows machines temporarily can create Windows 365 Cloud PC in Microsoft cloud services (Azure) and use their iPads to access and interact with it.
  • The App Store rejects game streaming apps. However, iPad users can overcome this challenge by running Xbox streamed games through virtual Windows 365 PC on their iPad.
  • The Remote Desktop app is the only option for smoothly installing Windows running in a native app on an iPad from the App Store. Unlike existing virtualization solutions, Microsoft has made the experience of using Windows 365 smooth and effortless on iPads with customizations such as the ability to turn the iPad’s trackpad cursor turns from the circle into the traditional white arrow cursor, zooming, and optimizing the positioning of the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

How to Use Windows 365 Cloud PC on iPad?

Windows 365 Cloud PC can be accessed on an iPad either directly from a web browser or using the Remote Desktop app. Here are the steps to access the virtual desktop using the Remote Desktop app on iPad.

  • Create the Windows 365 Cloud PC from using an Office 365 account with admin credentials.
  • Click on the ‘Get subscription’ URL for the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac option. This will allow the iPad user to attach to the workspace for the virtual PC that has been purchased.
  • Use the Remote Desktop app installed on the iPad to connect to the Windows 365 Cloud PC. The Remote Desktop application can be downloaded from the App Store.
  • Navigate to the Workspaces option at the bottom of the application, and click on the Windows 365 machine.
  • After authenticating, users can pick work on the Windows 365 machine using their iPad exactly where they had left off.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Windows 365 Cloud PC Deployment

The ability to stream the Windows experience to an iPad opens up several possibilities for Apple users. The versatility of Windows now does not have to come at the expense of the security and user-friendly nature of Mac machines. While Windows 365 Business Cloud PC can be set up and managed easily by most users, Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC might require additional expertise for deployment.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Apps4Rent can help businesses and enterprises procure licenses and customize Windows 365 Cloud PCs based on their unique requirements. Contact our Microsoft-certified virtualization consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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