How to Use SkuVault with QuickBooks?

SkuVault is a simple cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system designed for small and medium eCommerce retailers to provide deep insights into their inventory’s journey. SkuVault offers businesses the flexibility and transparency needed to build relationships with their customers by ensuring that orders are picked, packed, and delivered accurately and consistently. It integrates with several channels and offers simple workflows to organize warehouses and manage inventory efficiently. Many of the small and medium e-commerce businesses need accounting software that works with SkuVault. In this article, we will focus on integrating SkuVault with QuickBooks Desktop, the leading accounting solution for small and medium businesses.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating SkuVault with QuickBooks Desktop?

Integrating SkuVault with QuickBooks Desktop helps in automating inventories and sales that are synced with accounts. Here are the advantages of integrating SkuVault with QuickBooks.

  • Sales data can be synchronized between SkuVault and QuickBooks Desktop. Each time a sale is completed, a sales receipt will be automatically generated in SkuVault. The inventory quantity gets updated in QuickBooks Desktop when the sales receipt is generated.
  • The integration between SkuVault and QuickBooks simplifies the creation of purchase orders. When purchase orders are created in QuickBooks when they are created in SkuVault. Item receipts are created in QuickBooks Desktop when purchase orders are added to SkuVault, and the inventory quantity is automatically adjusted in QuickBooks Desktop. This helps in automating workflows in supply chains.
  • It allows multi-channel businesses to scale seamlessly by allowing them to capitalize on different sales channels and platforms.

How Does SkuVault Work with QuickBooks Desktop?

SkuVault provides a wide range of tools required for managing inventories and integrating QuickBooks Desktop helps businesses in stock management and accounting.

  • Synchronizing Purchase Orders

    When Purchase Orders are synchronized between SkuVault and QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks compares the supplier’s name field with vendor name in QuickBooks. A vendor name is automatically created when a supplier name is not found. With this feature, errors are reduced, and administrative work is minimized, saving time and money.

  • Synchronizing Items Receipts

    SkuVault can mark each line item as received on the purchase order as and when the new inventory arrives. An item receipt is generated in QuickBooks for each line update with the QuickBooks SkuVault integration.

  • Synchronizing Sales and Sales Orders

    When an item is purchased, it can be marked as sold and removed from the inventory in SkuVault. With the SkuVault QuickBooks integration, a sales receipt is automatically generated in QuickBooks, and the inventory number is reduced. This reduces the manual efforts involved in entering data and resolving manual count errors. Additionally, sales orders in QuickBooks can be created as ready-to-ship orders in SkuVault with the integration.

  • Synchronizing Products

    Products and their numbers can be automatically pulled from SkuVault to QuickBooks. Additionally, products that are not on the sales invoice or purchase order, can also be created with the product sync feature in the QuickBooks SkuVault integration.

  • Synchronizing Vendors

    When vendors are created in SkuVault, the supplier information is automatically synchronized with QuickBooks Desktop with the integration. This provides the accounting team with the latest information, and there will be fewer requests for information, saving time across teams.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Remote QuickBooks Desktop Access

While QuickBooks Desktop is a powerful accounting solution with a significant user base, SkuVault is an effective inventory management solution designed to eliminate issues with inventory tracking. Although QuickBooks is also available in an online version, it does not have the powerful inventory management capabilities of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise.

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