Chart Web Parts in SharePoint

Chart Web Part is something which can be used to generate charts in the Windows SharePoint Services environment. The Web Part supports data coming from XML files and Web Part Connections, and it generates charts as either an server-side images or as VML. This Web Part works great in complementing the Data View Web Part to provide a powerful data reporting story.

Features of Chart Web Parts include the following:•

Dynamic Chart Types – Dynamic chart types are available in the form of Bar, Bar3D, Bar Fade, Bar Glass, Line, Line Dot, Line Hollow, Area Hollow, Pie, etc.

Custom Data source – With MOSS Chart web part you can connect your chart to virtually any SharePoint list or utilize a view to sort and filter the data retrieved within the chart results.

Chart Legend – Gives us a chance to define a legend for your chart including chart X and Y titles, colors, and size.

Look and Feel Parameters – Each area within the web part has settings to define the look and feel of the web part. This includes not only the labels and text used within the web part, but also the titles, colors, alpha transparency, size, and many other custom parameters and configuration options.

From my experience, I would say Chart Web Part for SharePoint helped me make nice dashboards in my SharePoint projects and also helped me to build a demo site during client meets. Thus, for me Chart Web Part should be a definitive candidate for all SharePoint projects and implementations. What about you?

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