Blackberry ‘Torch’ shows the way to a new BlackBerry experience!

There’s a good news for all the Blackberry fans … You didn’t hear this? As a tough competition to Apple’s iPhone4, Blackberry unveiled its new series of phone called Blackberry Torch 9800. Now you must be thinking what’s so special about this, right? Blackberry Torch 9800 is supposedly the first Smartphone with a Blackberry keyboard and full touch screen. Wow! Now isn’t that great! What else, Blackberry Torch 9800 comes with the new Blackberry 6.0 operating system, which will enable us to enjoy the universal search and auto-wrap text features. The universal search feature can search multiple applications simultaneously, including mail messages, contacts, and instant messages (and which can be extended by other applications).

The features of this new Blackberry Smartphone don’t just stop here! Blackberry Torch 9800 boasts a stunning visual design, best combined touch-qwerty experience, precision trackpad, and a new web browser that can operate quickly, beautifully, and efficiently. The biggest and most highly anticipated change is the new browser – which came as part of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion’s acquisition of Torch Mobile last year, hence the name of the device. The new browser is based on WebKit and includes tab browsing; and in playing around with it a little, it seems a huge improvement over the current BlackBerry browser, rendering most sites quite well.

Blackberry Torch also sports Social Feeds app that lets you see results of your Facebook, Twitter, and instant messaging feeds; along with a new RSS reader. Among several new multimedia features is the ability to sync your music via Wi-Fi, and to keep a list of your music library on the device (listing all the songs) and letting you select which songs will be automatically transferred to the device the next time you get home.

What’s Blackberry Torch’s best deal for Developers?

BlackBerry OS 6 now lets developers create applications using HTML 5 and JavaScript, as well as the traditional Java environment, but still be able to access device features such as running in the background, using IM services, and push notification. And along with partner AT&T developers will be able to offer applications for sale that can be charged to your phone bill.

Price Details

The Torch is due out on AT&T starting August 12, starting at $199.99 with the usual two year contract plus data plan, which makes it pretty much identical with most other high-end phones. One thing to consider is whether the compression schemes BlackBerry uses will let you fit better in with a lower-cost, lower-capacity data plan than one of its competitors.

Conclusion: Blackberry Torch will definitely make the BlackBerry much more competitive in areas like browsing, social networks, and unified search. In addition, the ease-of-use the corporate management features should be enough to keep lots of BlackBerry users happy! Isn’t it?

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