SharePoint 2010 Managed Accounts

Now you can reduce your administrative expenses by allowing SharePoint 2010 to take control of your accounts. How? SharePoint 2010 Managed Accounts can automatically reset passwords based on domain policies and notify administrators when passwords are expiring. By storing account information in SharePoint 2010 Managed Accounts, you can keep your information secure and reduce the overhead required to manage it yourself. In brief, a Managed Account is effectively an Active Directory user account whose credentials are managed by and contained within SharePoint. In addition to storing the credentials of the object, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can also leverage Active Directory Domain Policies to automatically reset passwords while meeting the requirements established by policy. Moreover, Apps4Rent now offers the latest in the line of SharePoint versions, i.e., Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 with better features and collaboration benefits for its users.

How Managed Accounts credentials are stored?

Managed Account credentials are encrypted using a farm encryption key that is specified when you run PSConfig[ui].exe at farm creation based on the passphrase. The passphrase is stored in a secure registry location so that it can only be accessed by the farm account and encrypted so that only the farm account has access. The farm encryption key subsequently, is stored in the Configuration Database. This scenario is what enables farm administrators to join machines to the farm without specifying the credentials

To conclude, suppose an administrator would like to create a new Web application using Windows PowerShell and/or SharePoint Central Administration – the administrator only needs to specify the Application Pool account (Windows PowerShell) or select the account in the SharePoint Central Administration user interface as opposed to both having to know the domain\username and associated password.

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