Audience Targeting in SharePoint 2010

Audience targeting in SharePoint 2010 (now available in hosted mode for Standard and Enterprise versions) is one of the significant features of SharePoint 2010 that helps target groups and individuals with specific pages, Web Parts, and content. With the help of audience targeting feature, content can be targeted in a site for viewing by one or more specific audiences. SharePoint 2010 supports targeting using rules-based audiences, SharePoint groups, and distribution-list memberships. These audiences can span one or more sites in a given deployment. In addition, SharePoint 2010 provides the ability to target any list item, not just the lists. This means that virtually any individual item within the site – documents, events, custom list items, and even entire sites – may now be targeted to specific audiences. Apps4Rent now offers the latest among SharePoint version, i.e., SharePoint 2013 Hosting Services.

Using the Audience Targeting feature of SharePoint 2010, Web Part content can be targeted in the following ways:

  1. Web Parts can be targeted so that members of different audiences see different Web Parts on a page
  2. Using Web Parts that recognize audience membership, items or links in a list can be targeted to one or more audiences, so that only members of those audiences can view the targeted items within the Web Parts.

The “Audience targeting settings” is activated in the “Listenabletargeting.aspx” application page. In MOSS whenever the “audience targeting” is enabled in the List a new field of type “Target Audience” is created in the List where you can set the audiences for the list item.

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