Unique Document IDs in SharePoint Server 2010

What is Document ID Service?

Whenever you try to move a document within a site collection, the broken links appear? Don’t worry now! SharePoint 2010 has come up with a new Site Collection feature called the Unique Document ID Service.

How to enable the Document ID Service?

To enable the Unique Document ID feature, you can go to the Site Settings -> Site Collection Features (under Site Collection Administration) or you can launch the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and run the following:

PS C:\Users\blairb> Enable-SPFeature -id docid -url <site collection url>

After installing the Unique Document Service, you will see that your document has a field called Document ID. Note that for existing documents some action has to be taken on the document to cause a Document ID to be generated (like check-in/check-out.) Any new documents will have a Document ID generated on upload… Or you can go into Site Collection Administrator and force a timer job to stamp all the documents.

If you grab the link off the Document ID field you will have a URL that looks something like this:


You can use this link to provide others with a consistent link to your documents. Even if someone take the document and move it to another folder in the doclib or another doclib in the site collection the same Document ID will still find the document.

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