How to Secure Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Organizations are looking for innovative solutions to manage the complexities of the current cybersecurity environment. Cutting-edge security solutions are required for countering the increasing frequency and sophistication of malicious attacks on digital assets. Windows 365 provides several built-in security capabilities in addition to flexibility in customizing the solution for added protection. It includes Microsoft Defender, which has emerged as one of the most powerful solutions for protection against such attacks. Microsoft Defender secures Windows 365 Cloud PCs beginning with the first-run experience. In this article, we will focus on the steps involved in securing Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs.

How To Secure Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs?

Windows 365 Business Cloud PC is the ideal solution for smaller businesses that do not have central IT management solutions or IT staff.

With Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs, end-users have local admin rights. Standard IT procedures can be used to set users as standard users for their Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs. Here is how Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs can be secured with Microsoft Endpoint Manager which is available ins Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

  • Configure the Windows 365 Business Cloud PC to enroll into Microsoft Endpoint Manager using automatic enrollment.
  • To manage Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs, specific users can be made members of a local administrators group. This can be done using either Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • Enable Microsoft Defender Attack surface reduction (ASR) rules to mitigate specific security concerns, such as blocking credential stealing from the Windows local security authority subsystem.
  • Use Microsoft 365 Business Premium organizational security guidance to configure multifactor authentication (MFA) and customize other settings to access Windows 365.

How To Secure Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs?

In terms of IT management, Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs differ significantly from Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs. Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs are designed with a focus on management and security provided by Microsoft Endpoint Manager and are best suited for organizations with dedicated IT teams. They are enrolled in Microsoft Endpoint Manager with reporting of Microsoft Defender Antivirus alerts by default. They support full Microsoft Defender for Endpoint capabilities. Unlike Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs, end users are configured as standard users, and admins can make exceptions on a per-user basis. Here are some tips to secure Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs.

  • Use standard Windows 10 security practices, such as restricting local administrator privileges on Cloud PCs.
  • Ensure that Windows 365 security baseline is deployed to Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs from Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Then use Microsoft Defender to provide an in-depth defense.
  • Configure Azure AD conditional access with multifactor authentication (MFA) and user/sign-in risk mitigation.

Apps4Rent Can Assist with Windows 365 Adoption

While Cloud PC is easier to set up, maintain, and manage than similar virtualization solutions, there are still some security and provisioning issues that might need technical assistance. Some users might have to complete additional configuration prerequisites to customize Windows 365 Cloud PC.

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