How to Reprovision Windows 365 Cloud PC?

When Microsoft launched Windows 365 Cloud PC in early August 2021, the demand for the service was so overwhelming that the two-month Windows 365 trials had to be paused, until it provisions more capacity to support users. The revolutionary new virtualized Windows operating system streaming service designed for modern hybrid workplaces helps employees collaborate, share, and create while ensuring the safety and security of business data. Unlike traditional virtualization solutions, as a streaming service, Windows 365 Cloud PCs can retain the apps, data, and settings, even after a session ends, and can be accessed in the same state from other devices.

However, many users experienced issues while provisioning their Windows 365 Cloud PCs. In this article, we will focus on reprovisioning Windows 365 Cloud PC for resolving issues.

When to Reprovision Windows 365 Cloud PC?

The Reprovision action button is unique feature available with Windows 365 Cloud PC in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Here are some of the scenarios in which reprovisioning the Windows 365 Cloud PC can be helpful.

  • Users have purchased licenses but are unsure of the right configuration. The Reprovision remote action gives admins the flexibility to test different configurations.
  • The status of the Cloud PC is “failed” in the Windows 365 Provisioning node.
  • There is a requirement to start with a fresh Cloud PC using the same license.

Reprovisioning is similar to resetting a physical computer. The current configuration settings in the provisioning policy specified for the Azure AD group to which the user belongs will be used for reconfiguration. However, if the image referenced by the policy was changed, or any other changes have been made to the policy, the new Cloud PC will be reprovisioned with the changed settings.

How Can Windows 365 Cloud PC Be Reprovisioned?

Reprovisioning the Cloud PC deletes the current instance and creates a new one for the user. When the Cloud PC is reprovisioned, users are signed off, and the original instance, along with user data, applications, customizations, and other settings is deleted. Follow the steps below to reprovision the Windows 365 Cloud PC.

  • Log in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center and navigate to Devices>All Devices.
  • Select the Cloud PC device and click on Reprovision.
  • Click on Yes in the Reprovision box to initiate the reprovisioning process.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Windows 365 Cloud PC Set-Up

Although reprovisioning is a convenient method to start from scratch, it may not solve issues, such as the inability to proceed after the “setting up Cloud PC” stage. Some of these issues require changes in the settings using Microsoft Graph, which could be daunting for many users. Moreover, making these changes would often involve opening a support ticket with Microsoft, which could take significant time to resolve.

Considering that Windows 365 Cloud PC is a monthly subscription service, time is precious for subscribers. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in specializations such as Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity, Apps4Rent can help businesses and enterprises set up and troubleshoot issues with Windows 365 Cloud PC. Contact our Azure-certified consultants, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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