What Are the System Requirements for HomeTech Rapid Estimator?

HomeTech Rapid Estimator is a comprehensive cost estimating software designed for remodeling contractors to generate quick and accurate estimates for projects in the construction industry. The desktop application is designed by SDSI, which has been providing accurate pricing data to contractors for several years. With HomeTech Rapid Estimator, users have access to the prevailing pricing for building materials and labor in their local area, based on zip code, rather than by estimating these values using the national averaging model that is widely used by other applications. In this article, we will elaborate on the system requirements for HomeTech Rapid Estimator, and the advantages of cloud hosting.

What Are the Advantages of Hosting Rapid Estimator in The Cloud?

There are many advantages of Rapid Estimator cloud hosting.

  • The application can be accessed even remotely from mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, without having to install on separate devices.
  • The software and the data are secure, and always available, as it does not depend on the physical machine used to access the software.
  • It is a useful solution for distributed teams and on-site contractors who need to generate estimates while interacting with their clients in remote locations without having access to their office computers.
  • It eliminates the complexities involved in moving data between devices, as the program can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.
  • There is no compromise on performance even when other heavy applications have to be used in the background.

What Are the System Requirements for Requirements for HomeTech Rapid Estimator?

HomeTech Rapid Estimator is a relatively lightweight application. However, the user databases stored in SQL server and other applications that are used in combination with Rapid Estimator might require significantly more computing power. Here is the configuration of an optimal system for hosting Rapid Estimator.

  • While the executable files take only around 300 MB, the databases can expand significantly. Additionally, more storage might be required if there are additional users and applications. Consequently, it is recommended to use a system with 60-70 GB of free space.
  • The machine should have 8 GB RAM, especially if it is shared with other users and multiple applications, such as modeling software, that are typically used in the construction industry.
  • The software works on all Windows machines. The latest version is supported on Windows 8 Operating System and above.
  • Systems with over 2 GHz clock speed should be able to comfortably support the application.

Apps4Rent Can Host Rapid Estimator in the Cloud

Although the software is available in an online version, the most important reason for contractors to host Rapid Estimator in the cloud is that users can structure their own divisions and subdivisions in SQL databases. Additionally, uses may have to use other applications, such as QuickBooks Desktop and BuilderTrend, which are desktop applications.

As an Intuit and Microsoft Partner, Apps4Rent provides desktop virtualization solutions with which applications such as HomeTech Rapid Estimator can be securely hosted in the cloud. Contact our application virtualization specialists, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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