Peek-a-boo at Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010!

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is a free WYSIWYG HTML editor and web design program from Microsoft for SharePoint and other websites. It is a part of the SharePoint family of products. SharePoint Designer shares its codebase, UI and HTML rendering engine with Microsoft Expression Web, and does not rely on Internet Explorer’s Trident engine, which is less standards compliant. One of its differences from the general web design application, Expression Web, is that it does include only SharePoint-specific site templates.

SharePoint Designer 2010
On April 24, 2010, the next version of SharePoint Designer 2007 was launched, which was named as SharePoint Designer 2010. With SharePoint Designer 2010, you can build complete, rich, reusable, process-centric applications on the SharePoint platform that integrate external data. SharePoint Designer 2010 makes it possible to build composite applications by configuring or designing components such as data sources, lists, content types, views, forms, workflows, and external content types—all without writing any code. Further, SharePoint Designer 2010 now provides tools for all the important components in a SharePoint solution.

The user interface of SharePoint Designer 2010 has been completely redesigned to “put the ‘SharePoint’ into SharePoint Designer.” Now all of the important components in a site or solution — lists and content types, views and forms, workflows, data sources and external content types, page layouts and master pages — are easy to find. The new File tab makes it easy to open existing sites or create new sites. You can also open pages or sites that you have recently worked with, and add new components such as lists and workflows to the current site. Every site has a summary page where you can change settings or manage various aspects of your site. For example, you can now manage permissions directly from SharePoint Designer 2010. The Navigation pane makes it easy to find and navigate to all of the important components in a site that you use to build a solution Gallery pages make it easy to find and edit any of the important components of your solution. The Ribbon make you more efficient and productive in SharePoint Designer 2010 because the Ribbon surfaces all of the important features in the right context for what you’re working on. Another new user interface in SharePoint Designer 2010 focuses on surfacing all of the important components in a SharePoint solution. If you used the Folder List in previous versions of SharePoint Designer, you can still have the experience of working with the files and folders in a site by using All Files view.

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