Procedure to set a new page as the default master page in SharePoint Designer 2007

After you create a new master page in Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, you can quickly make the new master page the default master page for the entire site.

Note When you set a new master page as the default master page, all of the pages that are attached to the default master, including the pages that already exist in your site and any new pages that you create, are attached to the new master page.

1. In the Folder List, in the _catalogs folder, open the masterpage folder.
Note If the masterpage heading is collapsed, click the plus sign (+) to expand it.

2. In the masterpage folder, right-click the master page that you want to use as the new default master, and then click Set as Default Master Page on the shortcut menu.

A message appears warning you that any pages that contain content regions that do not appear in the new default master page will appear broken. If the content regions in the new default master match the content regions in the site’s content pages, click Yes. For more information on content regions and content placeholders, see the article Modify the default SharePoint content placeholders.

Note If the master page is already the default master page for the site, the Set as Default Master Page command is unavailable.

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