Procedure to replace the default logo on a SharePoint site:

Firstly you need to have the logo anywhere on your computer ( some where on the hard drive suppose saved on your desktop as say logo.jpg)


1. Go to your SharePoint site

2. Click on Site Action > Click on Create > Choose Picture Library

3. In Name type any name like logo (avoid spaces)

4. Leave reset of the settings as default and click create at the bottom of this page.

5. It opens the Picture library > Click on Upload

6. Click on Browse ( to the location where you have the image on your machine)

7. Click OK

8. Fill in the desired details > Click Ok

9. Go back to the top level site ( By clicking on Home Button on the Top )

10.Now you will see the link to the logo (whatever name you choose) under picture Library in Quick Launch Area ( On the left hand side)

11. It takes to the picture you uploaded. Click on the picture(Image) itself

12. Now it opens a new page to edit the properties . You will see Name and a link on the Right of that represented by the Name you choose for the Picture when you uploaded it . It will be a blue hyper link. Click on it . Click Ok

13. It will open the page

14. Copy the URL in the address bar it would be somewhat like

xyz , abc , image , your domain being what you have chosen

15. Paste the link somewhere on the NotePad

16. Go back to the Home Site (Top level site ) By hitting the Back button in IE

17. Click on Site Action > Edit Page

18. In the Right for Site Image web Part Click on Edit

19. Choose Modify Shared Web Part

20. Under test link remove this path from there /_layouts/images/homepage.gif

21. Paste the path that you saved in for the image in step number 14 (the link you saved on Notepad

22. Click on OK at the Bottom

23. Click Exit Edit Mode on the top Under Site Action

24. The Logo will appear as desired.

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