Procedure for making a new content type available to content authors in SharePoint.

After creating a new Content Type, making it available to be used by your content authors for publishing, you need to add it to the Pages library as follows:

1. Navigate to site action ->view all site content

2. In the Document Libraries section, click “Pages”.

3. In the library’s menu bar, click “Settings”.

4. On the popup menu, click Document Library Settings.

5. Click on Advanced settings

6. In content type Allow management of content types? Select yes

7. Click on ok

8. Under the Content Types section, click “Add from existing site content types”.

9. Scroll down until you locate your new Site Content Type, in our case “TestContentType”.

10 . Select it by clicking on it and click the “Add” button in the middle to move it from the “Available Site Content Types” list to the “Content types to add” list.

11 . Click the “OK” button to complete the add the Site Content Type.

12. The new Content Type should now show up in the Content Types section.

13. Scroll back to the top of the page and click the “Pages” link in the breadcrumb.

14. Confirm that your new Content Type is available by clicking the dropdown arrow just to the right of the New button.

15. The new Content Type should be an available option on the popup menu.

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