SharePoint for Contact Management

In order to stay competitive, organizations need to increase efficiencies. This requires implementing systems that facilitate collaboration and effective information sharing through enhanced functionality. Organizations are looking at deploying easy to use systems with optimal costs and resources. Very often looking up information in an organization turns out to be an arduous task. Are you too finding it difficult to store and access updated information? For offices or team members across different geographical locations, it is critical that all data is available at a centralized location. Moreover, it is essential to maintain integrity of data. Lack of communication in the form of notification or alerts regarding any updates can result in discrepancy of data accessed by different team members.

The Contacts Management SharePoint Services template is one such SharePoint hosting template which helps teams manage and share contact information among team members. The SharePoint Services hosting template stores the contact names, contact numbers and email addresses at a central location. It also contains a record of who last updated the contact information. An added advantage of this application template is synchronization with contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2007. You can enter the contact information through Microsoft Outlook 2007 or through a web based interface. Any change made in contacts from Outlook 2007 or the Contacts Management site is automatically synchronized every time the user connects to the corporate network. When used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook 2007, team members can subscribe to receive any updates in contact information whenever other users make changes to a contact. Thus the team doesn’t have to spend time manually tracking the correctness of contact information.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 give you better control over your organization’s data, which otherwise involves high costs and complexity. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is available with hosted application templates free with Hosted SharePoint service plans. These SharePoint Services hosting templates are highly scalable, flexible and easy to use. These can be deployed quickly and easily in simple environments or even in larger enterprises. These templates are created specifically to suit your business needs. They offer a general framework which is flexible and can be deployed to build customized web based applications specific to the needs of your organization. The basic Microsoft SharePoint hosting plans cost only $8.95 per month with access for unlimited users from hosted application service providers such as Apps4Rent. One can also upgrade to a low cost dedicated SharePoint server with hyper-v hosting. Also, available additionally is a set of forty free hosted SharePoint 3.0 templates developed by Microsoft. The SharePoint hosting templates are available instantly after signing up for a basic SharePoint hosting plan. Now sign up with Apps4Rent for SharePoint 2013 Hosting services.

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