Track Budget, Activities, Progress and Effectiveness of Integrated Marketing Campaigns with Hosted SharePoint

Marketing Managers Get Help from Hosted SharePoint Services Template to Track Budget, Activities, Progress and Effectiveness of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns leverage your company’s position, helping you to broaden your reach. Marketing managers are looking out for advanced marketing technology options to yield better results. They need a system supporting fully integrated marketing campaigns. These integrated marketing campaigns need to be such that they help in establishing your leadership position in the market and are aimed at generating sales. As a significant percentage of a company’s budget may be spent on marketing campaigns, it is essential to ensure that the campaign is comprehensive and effective. Organizations therefore need a system which allows tracking the output of each campaign. One should be able to track information such as number of leads generated and resultant sales after each campaign. This will give a clear picture to members across the organization for analyzing the success of marketing campaigns.

The Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking  template available in hosted SharePoint Services is a useful tool for marketing managers to track the execution and success of marketing campaigns and activities. With the help of this hosted SharePoint Services template, marketing managers can enter completed, upcoming and ongoing marketing campaigns, and enter information such as start and end dates, budget analysis and campaign progress. This SharePoint Services template helps in measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by analyzing the responses generated and sales accomplished. The Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking hosted SharePoint template makes available libraries where team members can share integrated marketing plans, campaign status forms and team resources. They can also list marketing team contacts and tasks. The template features an integrated marketing campaign data analysis template, built in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for detailed analysis of the success of marketing campaigns.

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