SharePoint 2010 Libraries

Remember how difficult it was in those early days when in office we had to preserve and work on huge piles of papers? Wasn’t it difficult? Yes it was. But today with developing technologies, things have become easier and faster. Now days, content management, be it in the form of documents, videos, etc., have become hassle-free—thanks to SharePoint Library!

A SharePoint library is a specialized form of SharePoint lists that are used to store document type data rather than metadata based items. The main difference is that in a normal list the metadata is what defines an item in the list while in a library the document is the main focus. However, libraries do support metadata. Libraries are created in much the same way as normal lists and support the same type of functionality such as workflows, event triggers or handlers, various display options, and custom forms for editing or entering data.

Document Library
A document library in SharePoint is where you upload your main or core documents. Document Library comprises a row and column view with links to the documents. Thus, whenever the document is updated, the link is created on your site. You can also track metadata of your documents. Meta data in SharePoint includes document properties. In the document library, you and your users can design dashboards, reports, charts, and models in Excel rather in hard to learn developer tools. You can easily deploy them with SpreadsheetGear for .NET.

Video Library
These days companies need to share more than just documents. From training materials to commercials, companies are accumulating rich media like videos quickly. While SharePoint is pretty good at storing a lot of things, video and audio files have their own needs. SharePoint Video Library helps you create a centralized location for not only storing videos, but for playing them back and sharing them as well. The SharePoint Video Library provides several advantages over a standard Document Library, such as:

o An embedded video/audio player that supports multiple file types
o The ability to capture and display media metadata (e.g. file type, duration, resolution etc.)
o Display of video thumbnails
o Storage of media within the library, or linked to using external sources
o Ability to share links to videos, or embed them into another page

The SharePoint Video Library provides users with a simple but powerful library that is custom made for storing media. Authorized users can upload or link to video and audio files in a variety of formats and locations, while other users can view details (like resolution and length), and playback the content from within the library using the embedded player.

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