SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard

I’ve been continuously saying that SharePoint 2010 has been launched with some really great features and when saying that I cannot afford to forget its yet another cool feature Developer Dashboard. The Developer Dashboard allows you to monitor page load performance on SharePoint. Simply put, you can see how each element on the page loads! Now isn’t that really cool?

The Developer Dashboard displays diagnostic information gathered during the loading and rendering of the SharePoint content. The dashboard, in conjunction with FireBug or the IE Developer Toolbar, helps developers and designers identify issues in their custom projects. This can be set to always display or to only display on demand. The Developer Dashboard has three different states—On, OnDemand, or Off. When the Dashboard is set to On, it will always be shown on every page. When it is set to OnDemand, you have the ability to show and hide the Dashboard. When it is set to Off, it is, as you may have guessed, not available. OnDemand is the best setting when troubleshooting a page or during development since a Site Collection Admin can turn it on or off and for a particular site only. The cool thing about this is that the Site Collection Admin who turned it on will be the only one to see the Developer Dashboard output. Everyday users won’t see the Developer Dashboard output even if it is turned on by a Site Collection Admin.

The Developer Dashboard contains more configuration options than just to turn it on or off. With this feature you can configure all of the options available for the dashboard:

o Display mode (On, Off, On Demand)
o Auto Launch of Developer Dashboard when critical events are tracked
o Enable the ASP.NET tracing output
o Configure the maximum amount of SQL queries traced
o Configure the maximum amount of critical events traced
o The required permission to view the Developer Dashboard (Full, None or Custom)


The Developer Dashboard is an effective tool that you can use to gain a better understanding on how your various SharePoint components are performing.

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