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What is a Profile Page on SharePoint Sever 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS)?

A profile page in Business Connectivity Services (BCS) allows displaying all the information for an external content. A profile page can display all the fields in a record for a specific customer and can also display all the orders associated with the customer. Profile page has a unique URL, as each entity (External Content Type) has its own profile page. Profile page in SharePoint 2010 cannot be created automatically anymore (it was created automatically in MOSS 2007).


How to create a profile page for our external content type and set our external content type as a content source for SharePoint 2010 Search?

To create a profile page, first configure the server where the profile page will be hosted. To configure, click on the configure button in the BDC administration page/ribbon. This loads a wizard where you can enter the host location for the profile page. Profile page can only be hosted on SharePoint sites. At this point, you can enable your entity to have a profile page. To do so, click on the External content type and click “Create/Upgrade Profile Page”. Once the profile page has been created you will notice there is a default action associated with the external content type. To view the profile page load the default action URL in browser and set the ContactID.

So isn’t it easy to create a profile page on Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint Server 2010?

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