How to Use Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for Managing Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is a comprehensive platform built for onboarding, monitoring, and managing your Microsoft 365 tenants from one place. It is useful for managing the services of small and medium-sized tenants by providing tools and methods for standardizing, automating, and auditing operations. With multi-tenant management capabilities for device compliance, threat management, and user access management, Lighthouse helps service providers reduce overhead costs by consolidating operations.

With the introduction of Windows 365 Cloud PC, Microsoft has extended the capability to manage Cloud PC instances using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. In this article, we will explore the use of Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for managing Windows 365 Cloud PC.

What Are the Advantages of Using Lighthouse for Managing Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Using Microsoft 365 Lighthouse can help multi-tenant capabilities to be exploited effectively for managing Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Here are some of the advantages of using Lighthouse for managing Windows 365 Cloud PC.

  • It simplifies the management and monitoring of device compliance, including Cloud PCs from one place. This helps in framing appropriate policies, reviewing their status, and comparing them across tenants.
  • Managing the security of Windows 365 Cloud PCs becomes streamlined. Actions such as rebooting, running updates, and scans can be performed for Cloud PCs under multiple tenants with a few clicks.
  • User access management is simplified and automated significantly, as admins have the complete list of all users in each managed tenant. Actions such as resetting passwords, blocking access, assigning licenses, can be performed without having to log in or log out from individual tenants.

How Does Lighthouse Simplify Cloud PC Management?

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse provides a wide range of tools for managing Cloud PCs across several tenants. Here are some ways in which Microsoft 365 Lighthouse streamlines Windows 365 Cloud PC management.

  • The Windows 365 card on the Microsoft 365 Lighthouse homepage provides relevant alerts, such as provisioning failure and on-premises network connection failure for Cloud PCs, for all tenants that are managed.
  • Admins can access detailed information on the provisioning status of each Cloud PC in different tenants, such as their unique Intune device name and SKU, apart from details about the tenant, user, and other generic information.
  • Admins can search and locate specific Cloud PC instances using keywords and take actions such as refreshing and exporting data.
  • Details of on-premises network connections are available remotely to admins in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, who can take appropriate actions based on the connection status.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Window 365 Cloud PC Management

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse offers powerful features for managing multiple tenants. It offers advanced capabilities for admins to manage Microsoft 365 tenants with delegated permissions. The addition of dedicated features to simplify Windows 365 Cloud PC management helps in delivering managed services at scale to small and medium-sized customers.

However, Microsoft 365 Lighthouse is only available to select Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for managing tenants. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Apps4Rent is one of the few service providers that offer comprehensive Windows 365 Cloud PC managed services using cutting-edge Microsoft technology, such as the Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. Contact us via phone, chat, or email for 24/7 assistance for Microsoft 365/ Windows 365 licensing, management, and customization.

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