iPhone Apps for the Mobile Real Estate Mogul

Here is a list of iPhone apps that can take your real estate office on the road, and give you more freedom than ever to perform at the top of your game.

Property searches

Puluwai real estate search. A real estate search engine that makes it easy to find properties on the fly. The latest release allows real estate agents that have multiple properties to create a PPC, or Puluwai Provider code. You then give this PPC to potential clients, and they use it to narrow down searches in specific areas. Also, You can place your properties in the Google database, which will make them findable on Puluwai.

Trulia real estate search. Another comprehensive real estate search, no registration and free software. Get listings, maps, advice and opinions from local experts, all in one place.

HomeFinder from Alexander Mobile. Another real estate search app that tries to do it all. It searches many online sources like Trulia and Google Base. It also has a mortgage calculator with daily rate updates from

StreetEasy is a New York only real estate search app. Great for finding sales or lease properties. Results are displayed with Google maps.

mortgage calculators

Envirian mortgage calculator. An iPhone app for quick mortgage calculations. Enter amount to be borrowed, monthly income, expenses and other factors, and get info like payment, interest, Debt to Interest Ration, etc.

Home Buying Power another real estate calculator, but with some differences. This one includes a buying power calculator that will even take into account property taxes and insurance.

neighborhood tools

Nearby. This is a nifty app that might seem likeĀ  typical mapping app, however, it also gets data from Platial. This gives the user a totally new view of the spot they are standing in. Platial data could include anything from notes, tags, images to personal stories.

Productivity/ workflow

Expense2go for salesforce users. Keep track of your expenses from your iPhone. You can create and sync expense reports with Salesforce CRM from Tools have been added to make tasks easier, like using the iPhone to take a picture of a receipt and attaching it to the report.

Sketches you can use this app to take pictures of properties and add tags and notes for potential clients.

Evernote a unique app that makes sure you wont forget anything. With multiple ways to take notes, such as text, a snapshot or voice reminders, its going to be hard to forget.

Rulerphone Lite need the dimensions of a particular room? This is a neat little app that allows you to use your iPhone asĀ  measuring tape.

A La Mode Xsites is a workflow website that has updated its interface for the iPhone. With it you can set reminders, manage leads and access your entire lead database.

No-one will need all of the apps listed here, but this list should make it easier to identify your favorites and get you rolling, instead of sitting in your office.

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