5 Coolest iPhone Games for Gamers

If you own an iPhone and you’ve ever tried to sift through the tons of junk on the App Store to find an app or game that was worth having, you know how frustrating it can be. When you’re a steady gamer who takes his entertainment seriously, it can be even more of a pain. If you settle on a relatively unknown title because of good reviews, you often soon find out that the good scores came from casual users, and the game you just shilled out $1-$10 for is actually a flop.

In an attempt to save you a bit of time and moo-lah, we’ve put together a quick list of must have games for those that must have games. This is by no means all the good games on the iPhone/iPod, just a few of the coolest.

Assassin’s Creed: Altairs Chronicles

Although it is not the open-world blockbuster game that came out for the X-box 360, PS3, or PC, this game does manage to keep you involved. For half of what you would pay for the Nintendo DS version, you do get a deeper-than-expected, busy and fun platformer that is reminiscent of Prince of Persia. This offering provides you with a solid six to eight hours of mobile gaming entertainment.

Spore Origins

This is a great introductory adaptation of Will Wright’s original Spore experience. Although it has been greatly stripped down, it still gives great and addictive gameplay. In this version, you only have to concentrate on the development of one single-celled organism in a petri dish, but it’s hard to put down after you’ve spent some time tilting around to feed on other spores. It’s just as fun customizing your critter’s body for greater offense and defense, affording great replay value. You can even use photos stored on your iPhone to create patterns for your spore. Loads of gamer fun for the five bucks they are charging.

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Don’t expect too much of the original series in this iPhone version of Metal Gear. This franchise has been putting out espionage-fueled adventures of Solid Snake and compadres for twenty years, and have not stopped here. MGST is set in environments from Metal Gear Solid 4, and the bad guys are out of the same game. Essentially, the game is a shooting gallery, but the graphic and gun play mechanics are so good, you’ll be stuck for a while. You can also earn up to 50 wallpapers in gameplay rewards. 8 bucks makes this one worth it.

Need for Speed Undercover

This is by far the best racing game for the iPhone. That is saying a lot, considering the sheer amount of racing games for the iPhone. Use the touch screen to brake or get a nitrous boost, and like most other iPhone racers, use your accelerometer to steer. Where this games is tops is in challenging gameplay, awesome cut scenes and a decent story line. Worth it at 10 bucks.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution

Last be definitely not least is my personal iPhone favorite, Civilization Revolution. This game was put together with a lot of thought. The gesture-based controls are easy to get used to, using flicks, drags and pinches to navigate and order troops around. There isn’t anything to miss in this iPhone version either. It comes complete with 16 civilizations, 3 levels of difficulty, a built in tutorial, and many other features that make this one of the most in-depth games for the iPhone.

As you can see, not all iPhone apps are hit and miss. Some of them have definitely put forth the effort to deserve your attention, so check them out, and see if you agree.

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