Hosted SharePoint Template Helps Recruiters in Job Requisition And Interview Management

A few Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 templates are available with Hosted SharePoint service plans at no extra cost.  Job Requisition and Interview Management application is one such hosted SharePoint template that is designed to simplify a business operation – the HR process of recruitment.  The SharePoint hosting templates are specifically designed to give you better control of your day-to-day business operations. Windows SharePoint Services provide a platform for building web-based business application templates that are easy-to-use, flexible and scalable; and improve the efficiency of business operations. These templates are created taking into account the various parameters specific to managing that particular business operation. The basic Microsoft hosted SharePoint plans cost under $10 per month with access for unlimited users from hosted SharePoint application service providers such as Apps4Rent.  Also available with this is a package of 40 free hosted SharePoint templates developed by Microsoft.

Job Requisition and Interview Management are the key functions of an organization’s Human Resources department. Managing increasing numbers of job requisitions on a regular basis is a challenge that most organizations face. The Job Requisition and Interview Management application template is designed to effectively help a recruiter streamline the process of filling job openings within the organization. This template with its high level of collaboration facilitates creation of job requisitions online – wherein the Position, Department, Location, and Priority are specified. The recruiter then captures referrals and resumes received for that post. The candidate profiles are sent to the hiring manager. Based on a ‘go-ahead’ from the hiring manager, interviews are coordinated. This application template allows the interviewer to enter interview feedback along with reasons. The template also helps in tracking and collating interview results – whether a particular candidate is recommended for hiring or not. This feedback can be viewed both by the recruiting personnel and those conducting the interviews. The hosted SharePoint template provides all information at a central location thus simplifying the process of managing requisitions and interviews.

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