How to Use Cloud PC in Linux?

One of the major challenges that Linux users have been facing since the 90s is the inability to run Windows applications. Many Linux users prefer the desktop-based versions of applications such as Microsoft Word, and other Office tools, which offer a better user experience than their Linux counterparts. However, Linux continues to be a more versatile, lightweight, and efficient operating system. While web-based solutions have been successful in bridging the gap to some extent, functionality often has been compromised. In this article, we will explore the use of Windows 365 Cloud PC on Linux, a new category of cloud-computing services.

What Are the Advantages of Using Windows 365 Cloud PC on Linux?

There are many benefits for Linux users to use Windows 365 on their machines. Here are some of the advantages.

  • Being more lightweight, Linux can continue to run on the physical machine even when users have to run resource-intensive Windows applications on Windows 365.
  • Users will not have to compromise on the features of Windows-first applications while working on Linux.
  • Windows 365 Cloud PC runs on Microsoft infrastructure. Consequently, the performance in terms of factors such as internet speed is significantly better.
  • Users can scale the size of resources such as CPU and RAM based on their requirements, thus giving them the flexibility to run Windows applications for fixed periods without additional setup.
  • Windows 365 is built on the Zero Trust policy and offers cutting-edge security features, such as two-factor authentication for maximum protection.

How to Run Windows 365 Cloud PC on Linux?

Windows 365 Cloud PC can be accessed on Linux machines simply by provisioning it and accessing it using a web browser. The provisioning can take up to an hour after selecting an appropriate plan. The licenses for Windows 365 Cloud PC can be purchased from the Microsoft 365 admin center. Follow the steps below to run the Windows 365 Cloud PC on a Linux machine.

  • Provide the credentials to access the web-based remote desktop client for Windows 365 Cloud PC.
  • Allocate Office 365 licenses if necessary.
  • The Windows 365 Cloud PC offers space in the C drive, OneDrive, and the virtual drive for uploading files.
  • Install the Windows applications on the Windows 365 Cloud PC following the same procedure used on any Windows machine.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Windows 365 Cloud PC Setup and Customization

While Linux users are typically averse to using proprietary applications, certain sectors, such as academia are dominated by the use of Microsoft products. While there are Linux-based substitutes, there is a risk of breaking compatibility with the rest of the industry. Using emulators could open up security holes, and purchasing a Windows license for a single software might not be economically viable. For such uses, Windows 365 is a perfect solution. Users can rent it at a fixed monthly cost and use it on their Linux machine with minimal technical assistance or overheads.

As a Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can help businesses and enterprises with Windows 365 and customized Azure Virtual Machines. Alternatively, we can provide similar solutions at a significantly lower cost from our top-tier SSAE 16 datacenters. Call, chat or email our virtualization consultants available 24/7 for assistance with Windows 365 Cloud PC.

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