SharePoint Benefits Enrollment

Ease the Burden on Human Resources Department by using Hosted SharePoint Services for Online Enrollment of Employee Benefits with Self-Service Portal

Organizations offer a variety of benefits to their employees including medical plans, insurance plans, long term disability and others that may change from year to year. The Human Resources department holds the responsibility of making available the choices of benefits and detailed information to employees. The Human Resources department also needs to spend time focusing on strategic initiatives. Lack of an efficient system with self-service features will result in majority of their time being spent in sharing employee benefits related information with employee across the organization. Ensuring the consistency and accuracy of employee benefits information is also vital. A system which provides a platform for easy access to information and updates can help serve this purpose. Such a system will streamline the process of enrollment. The management, at all times, will have an updated record of employee benefits enrollment.

The Employee Self-Service Benefits hosted SharePoint Service application template serves as an excellent tool for an organization to enlist the benefits they offer to their employees. Human Resources departments can make use of this hosted SharePoint Service application template to organize information and share the same with employees-thus saving time and ensuring consistency of the shared information. Employees can view the entire set of benefits and details associated with each benefit. All information regarding the type of benefit, benefit description, benefit providers, advantages offered and documents with related information is available in this template. Employees can select and enroll themselves for the benefits they prefer. With the hosted SharePoint Service template for Employee Benefits Self Service, it is also possible to track which employee has enrolled for a particular benefit and the date of enrollment.

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