Mobile E-mail Everywhere But The Smart Phone Battery Has No Life

So you have brought this cool smart phone- iPhone 3G, Palm Pre, BlackBerry or whatever is the latest fantasy mobile device.  Just when your mobile phone is synchronizing with your hosted Exchange server account with Apps4Rent for your valuable e-mails, the battery dies.  And you realize you are not carrying your mobile phone charger.  You scrounge through the now unrecognizable chargers of all your previous smart and not so smart phones in your desk, and discover no match.

Why don’t they standardize the cell phone chargers, you say.  It seems that your voice has been heard.  After months of negotiation, Apple, Motorola, Research In Motion and other leading carriers have agreed to manufacture a standard charger for mobile devices sold in Europe.   Here is more information, as reported on the Channel Wire site:

“At the GSMA Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, in February, 17 members agreed to implement an industrywide standard for a universal charging solution (UCS) that will use Micro-USB as the common universal charging interface.

The memorandum of understanding covers data-enabled mobile phones sold in the EU.  However, it excludes mobile phones that do not support USB data exchange and excludes phones in an unusual format, such as those worn as wristwatches.”

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