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VPN Connection Hyper-V server

Using a VPN connection to log into a Hyper-V server

Although, our Hyper-V servers can be accessed through SSL, some may prefer to use a VPN connection to log into a Hyper V server for the following reasons:

Security: All connections within a VPN tunnel are encrypted and secure. The devices on either side are local to each other.

Active Directory (AD) Integration or Single Sign On (SSO): If you are looking to integrate your local Active Directory with the environment you have on our side, you might want to choose VPN to this end. A VPN allows the AD server on your side as well as ours to communicate to each other securely. Amongst the many benefits it offers, the main benefit is that your users will have single login credentials. This can save them the pain of authenticating twice. Your User Management also becomes easier. For instance, if you make changes to a user on your side of Active Directory server, the same replicates on our side of the Active Directory server you have with us. Further, it facilitates automatic login to our site.
Here are a few ways to enable VPN access with our Hyper-V servers:

For large customers:

If you seek to login to a Hyper-V server using by establishing a VPN, Apps4Rent provides you with two options. Either you can go for a dedicated VPN device or opt for a shared VPN device. In both cases, we will set up the VPN device between your VPN client and to our hosted virtual server. All connections to the virtual server/environment on our side will pass via the VPN.
Here are the plans:

1.Dedicated VPN – In this, we will setup a site-to-site VPN, where the VPN device will be an additional hardware device besides the server you already have with us. The plans for the same starts at $75 per month. In addition to that, there is a one-time setup fee of $150.

2.Shared VPN – You can choose to opt for a shared VPN which will pass through a shared device. Almost the same as a dedicated device, what differentiates the two is that the VPN device in a latter scenario is shared; meaning it is used by other customers as well, who use our VPN services. This brings down your cost for setting up your VPN significantly. Our shared VPN devices are priced at $25 per VPN per month. In addition to that there is a one-time setup fee of $150.

For small businesses or individual users:

How do I login to my virtual server from a public network?

With Apps4rent hosted services, you can login securely to your VDI even from a public server. We will set up a VPN connection at our server. This will ensure your RDP session is secure and un-hackable because your network is a part of our datacenter which is 24×7 monitored.
For VPN Plans: See our Shared and Dedicated VPN options above.

How do I login to my virtual server using my country’s publishing ID?

What we can do in this case is make your VDI a VPN device. Now you will not RDP to your VDI but simply connect to your VDI (which is now a VPN device) using a user name and password. Your publishing IP changes because now your device is connected to our datacenter through a secure channel.
For VPN Plans: See our Shared and Dedicated VPN options above.

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