How to Add Spotify to Your OBS Stream?

The latest trends show that more people are watching live streaming content today than they did in the past. If you are an artist and want to engage your audience in every way possible, OBS Studio is the tool you need. It helps you stream your audio, video, live events, and the activities taking place on your computer screen. It is one of the best streaming software available as of 2021. If you are a streamer or a podcaster who wants to add Spotify songs to OBS live streams, let’s discuss how you can do the same.

What Makes OBS Studio the Live Streamers’ Preferred Choice?

OBS Studio is open-source software that comes heavily loaded with features to address your video recording and broadcasting needs. The free and easy-to-use streaming solution supports all major platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. It lets users create and broadcast Full HD videos. It also provides a sophisticated set of tools for enhancing the sound of your live streams. The audio features include multichannel, surround sound, and Ambisonics streaming. One more thing that attracts live streamers towards OBS Studio is the vast community of its users that help the newbies get friendly with the software.

Can You Play Spotify on OBS Studio When You Are Live Streaming?

You are not allowed to include any song from Spotify in your streams unless you have permission to do so. If you play copyrighted songs on a live streaming platform, you may get banned for a couple of days or even weeks. To avoid such issues, you can apply the appropriate filters to find only non-copyrighted music on Spotify. You can safely play non-copyrighted music on your computer and choose to stream the desktop audio on OBS Studio.

Can You Add Spotify Songs to Live Streams?

While streaming your audio on OBS, you may want to show the song that is playing on Spotify. Neither OBS Studio nor Spotify has an option to allow you to display the song on the OBS streams. However, it is possible to add the current song to the OBS streams and get it scrolling on your streaming window with the help of third-party software plugins. There are both free and paid options for you to choose from to add the song that is ‘Now Playing.’ These plugins help you make the song name appear on your stream along with the names of the artists.

OBS Hosting Makes It Easier for You to Add Spotify to Your Streams

OBS Studio can automatically recognize audio sources from your microphone. With the help of additional software plugins and audio routers, it can also redirect the sound of your desktop to the streaming channel on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more. When OBS is hosted on a cloud desktop, you can play Spotify on a variety of devices, rather than just on your computer, and live stream your device’s audio on a platform of your choice. You can also install third-party applications that allow you to add the current song to your streams on your virtual desktop. It will help eliminate the need for installing OBS Studio and additional software on multiple devices.

Apps4Rent Can Help You Host OBS Studio for Spotify Streaming

Cloud hosting enables you to use your software more efficiently by allowing you to access it from remote locations. It also empowers your software with highly scalable and powerful cloud resources, ensuring a seamless streaming experience across a range of devices. Apps4Rent provides dedicated OBS hosting plans to help you gain more control over your software. We deploy your OBS Studio on our high-performance NVIDIA GPU-enabled servers and Azure. To know more about OBS hosting plans, you can contact our OBS hosting team, available via phone, chat, and email. So, why not have a conversation with us today?


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