SharePoint Inventory Tracking

Step by step instruction on how to track inventory by using the Software Application Template that comes free with hosted Microsoft SharePoint WSS 3.0

Very often substantial amount of time and effort is spent in tracking inventory levels after the customer places an order. An efficient inventory tracking software gives you tight control over your inventory and helps you plan your purchases judiciously. Lack of an effective inventory tracking software can result in inability to fulfill customer orders successfully and on time, and also adversely impact your organization’s cash flows.

Historical information on suppliers, customers and past sales records should be updated and readily available on a centralized system. An application that enables quick and accurate inventory tracking can help organizations save time, speed up operations, maximize profits, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Inventory Tracking software application template enables organizations to track inventory levels of different inventory elements. This template captures manual input of inventory sales as well as new inventory purchases from suppliers. The template includes dashboards which facilitate easy transactions such as logging a sale and creating an order. Users are alerted when a particular inventory item needs to be reordered.  Thus, customer and supplier information is appropriately handled. The Inventory Tracking software template also provides information on historical inventory levels. It allows the users to track the cost and sales value of every inventory item.

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