QuickBooks Integration with Office 365 – Can It Be Done?
QuickBooks integration with Office 365

QuickBooks Integration with Office 365 – Can It Be Done?

Are you looking to integrate QuickBooks with Office 365? In this blog, we discuss the nitty-gritty of QuickBooks integration with Office 365 because many functionalities like time tracking, job costing, payroll management can be handled. Users can integrate QuickBooks with their favorite third-party applications to extract the maximum benefits from the combinations. There are several apps that integrate with QuickBooks.

While some of them are compatible with QuickBooks Online, others can be used with the Desktop versions as well. Among the most sought-after requirements are QuickBooks integration with Office 365 applications. In this write-up, we will address how you can use QuickBooks with Office 365.

Is QuickBooks Integration with Office 365 Possible?

While there is no direct method for QuickBooks integration with Office 365, users can connect several applications that are a part of the Office 365 suite with their QuickBooks account. We will discuss the integration of some of the applications from Office 365 and QuickBooks in the following sections.

Add QuickBooks Data to Microsoft Word

Apart from tracking financial records, it is also possible to use QuickBooks data for creating invoices, generating letter templates and envelopes that can be used with Microsoft Word for convenient editing. Microsoft Word works well with QuickBooks to create letter template collections for different stakeholders like customers, vendors, employees or contacts with whom organizations have to communicate by physical and electronic means. Invoice templates can be created using the Letters and Envelopes wizard and exported to Word for further editing. Similarly, there are several options to customize the letters under the Company menu in the “Prepare Letters with Envelopes” option.

Import and Export Excel Data

Excel is among the easiest application to use with QuickBooks. It allows for bi-directional data transfer. In other words, it is possible to import QuickBooks data to Excel sheet and vice versa thereby minimizing the need for duplicate manual data entry in the two applications. Among the data that can be imported from an Excel sheet are customer details, Vendor details, item information, and chart of accounts. Additionally, there are different ways of adding and editing data. 

It is equally easy to export customer and vendor details; payroll and items list apart from transactions to Excel sheets. The advantage of this functionality is that users can generate reports with formats and content that are not available with QuickBooks by default.

Generate Deep Insights with QuickBooks Integration with Power BI

QuickBooks integration with Power BI helps businesses generate deep insights about their financial health by generating reports using data from business cash flow, profitability, customers, and other relevant details. QuickBooks data can be directly fed into the dashboards of Power BI for generating powerful visualizations. It is possible to integrate QuickBooks from the Apps tab in the Power BI UI. All users have to do is to enter the credentials of the QuickBooks account to view the data that they have imported into Power BI from QuickBooks to view the company data in the dashboard.

Send Emails from QuickBooks Through Outlook

Emailing from QuickBooks is one of the most convenient and widely used function. Users can access contact details with Outlook integration and send emails directly. Not only does this save time and effort but it also makes it convenient for businesses to access copies of invoices, estimates, and other such information. It must be noted that to avail of this functionality, both QuickBooks and Outlook must be installed on the desktop.

So… Is QuickBooks Integration with Office 365 Possible?

 QuickBooks integration with third-party apps brings greater flexibility and adds value to the already powerful application. Many processes can be automated and reduce manual efforts, an aspect that is critical for small and medium-sized businesses. While some of these integrations work with QuickBooks Online, others are for QuickBooks Desktop versions. Many businesses opt for QuickBooks hosting that combines the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop with the online version by moving the application to the cloud. If your business is keen on benefitting from QuickBooks integration with Office 365, Apps4Rent can be your perfect partner. We are available for assistance 24/7 via phone, email, and chat. Call us today!

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