How to Integrate Tradogram with QuickBooks?

Procurement is a critical aspect of any business and managing it effectively can be a challenging task as traditional procurement processes can be manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. This can result in delays, overspending, and missed opportunities for cost savings. Tradogram is a cloud-based procurement software that helps businesses streamline their purchasing processes and optimize their spending. It offers supplier management, purchase-to-pay, strategic sourcing, contract management, spending analysis, and order management, which help businesses completely configure their workflow according to their requirements. It allows users to customize their approval workflows to automatically route purchase orders for approval before sending them to suppliers and approve them from anywhere using any device. In this article, we will explain how to integrate Tradogram with QuickBooks.

What Are the Advantages of Integrating Tradogram with QuickBooks?

The advantages of integrating Tradogram with QuickBooks are as follows.

  • Allows users to host open or sealed bidding events, define due dates and terms, share custom forms, and attach documents to any supplier requests.
  • Automatically matches invoice records with purchase orders and delivery notes, synchronizing information from buyers, accounting personnel, and receiving teams.
  • Enables users to reconcile supplier invoices against their purchase orders and delivery notes and synchronize the data with QuickBooks.
  • Allows users to assign budgets to all levels of their company including branches, departments, and locations.

How to Integrate Tradogram with QuickBooks?

While Tradogram offers integration with QuickBooks Online & Desktop, the following are the steps to connect it with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Log into your Tradogram account.
  • Navigate to Manage Company > QuickBooks Desktop Integration.
  • Click on the “CHANGE SETTINGS” button under “Settings.”
  • Select the items that you want to integrate with QuickBooks and click “SAVE.”
  • Now, click on the “DOWNLOAD QWC FILE” button.
  • Next, download and install QuickBooks Web Connector.
  • Open the QuickBooks Web Connector, click “Add an Application” and select the file you downloaded earlier.
  • Finally, click “Update Selected” to complete the integration process.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Tradogram and QuickBooks Integration

Integrating Tradogram with QuickBooks can help businesses streamline their procurement processes, gain greater control over their spending, reduce errors and redundancies, and optimize their financial workflows, thereby saving their valuable time and resources. However, additional configurations are required to fully use the potential of these solutions.

As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent offers QuickBooks hosting services from top-tier SAE-16 certified data centers in New York and New Jersey and can help businesses in integrating third-party solutions such as Tradogram with QuickBooks at no extra cost. Contact our QuickBooks specialists available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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