5 Things to Remember Before Implementing QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting
QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

5 Things to Remember Before Implementing QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

QuickBooks Enterprise is generally used by medium to small businesses with 20-250 users. These organizations have different verticals that need to be managed from multiple locations, inventory, cash flow, and users. QuickBooks Enterprise is favorable as it brings everything on a single platform. It simplifies reporting and data analysis at an organizational level and helps arrive at better decisions. With provisions to arrange, categorize and track large documents with timestamps and changelogs, QuickBooks Enterprise allows organizations systematize and simplify their accounting practices.

Why Opt for QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

If you are a part of a large organization with several employees on various devices working from different locations, and it is impractical to have a large IT team that can handle a network on which QuickBooks is centrally hosted. Cloud-based QuickBooks plans are not just a more convenient option for enterprises but also make more economic sense especially for small and medium enterprises. With several different hosting plans available such as QuickBooks Pro Hosting, QuickBooks Premier Hosting, and QuickBooks Accountant Hosting, users can opt to pay only for services they use rather than investing heavily in the infrastructure and manpower for maintenance that reduces their bottom line while ensuring flexibility and scalability to spur business growth when they use QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. Moreover, storage efficiency and employee productivity also increase by the centralization of data on the cloud. 

Migrating to cloud-based QuickBooks is indeed an attractive proposition. Here are 5 things to remember before implementing QuickBooks Enterprise hosting:

Check Vendor Authorization

 There are only a handful of large cloud service providers who are authorized by the makers of QuickBooks, Intuit Inc., to offer QuickBooks hosting service. These companies meet a set of stringent requirements set by Intuit while providing services. This ensures that you can entrust your data with them more confidently because of their proven expertise in handling the large scales of confidential data involved in migration. If Intuit has given its stamp of authority, it lends some credibility to the QuickBooks hosting service provider.

Never Compromise on Data Security

Accounting data is meant to be strictly confidential. Service providers must be able to protect attacks from every possible method including network and physical vulnerabilities. The servers must be placed in secure data centers adhering to the highest security standards. Data must be protected both at rest and in transit by strong encryption codes and authentication factors. All requests must be made using the HTTPS protocol by securing data connections with the “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) certification. Additionally, service providers must have firewalls and anti-virus software installed to prevent malicious attacks.

Get Your QuickBooks Up Anytime

Data accessibility is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a provider. It is not just how easily data is available to users that matters, it is also equally important that users can access data stored on the cloud as and when they want. Usually, there is planned downtime for maintenance of servers during which users cannot access their data. Service providers specify the minimum guaranteed uptime in their agreements with their clients. Without a 99.9% uptime guarantee, don’t move ahead for QuickBooks hosting. Many top QB hosting providers maintain adequate infrastructure and quick turnaround time. Downtimes are simply unacceptable.

Get Your Daily Data Backups

Data backups are critical for maintaining data integrity and minimizing time wastage over repetitions. They are particularly important for auditing related data. With QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, data backup is performed automatically. Many providers provide backup service with the subscription at no additional cost. The best providers even provide daily data backup facilities.

Look for Premium Support

Broadly speaking, support for both the product and the service from the provider must be important factors to be considered while subscribing to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting. From the product perspective, it is important to be sure that your provider has the infrastructure to support all the recent version QuickBooks including the 2020 version. You should truly be able to access QuickBooks Enterprise from anywhere on any device running on popular operating systems without restrictions or impediments like time lag, and low bandwidth issues.

As far as support in terms of service is concerned, the vendor must be competent enough to provide technical support for every hosting related issue including but not limited to privacy, security, and availability. The vendor support team must be available and accessible through the most commonly used communication channels throughout the year and must be able to commit to an acceptable time for resolution of issues.

Migrating QuickBooks Enterprise to the Cloud is Easy

With only a handful of Intuit authorized hosting providers, it should not be difficult to choose the right vendor when you must implement QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting. Needless to say, pricing is one of the most important differentiating factors, all else being equal. Apps4Rent has the most affordable cloud-based QuickBooks plans. Contact our team for more information on the best plans for you.

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