QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is generally used by medium to small businesses who have between 20 to 250 employees. An enterprise of a large size generates a huge amount of data to process. Therefore, QuickBooks Enterprise is best suited for companies that deals and processes with huge amount of transactional data.

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise

All features of QuickBooks Pro & Premier

QuickBooks Enterprise is a feature-rich edition suited for enterprise-level companies. It comprises all the basic features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions, while adding some advanced accounting features.

Up to 30 users allowed

QuickBooks Enterprise allows up to 30 users for the same QuickBooks file, unlike Pro or Premier version which limits only up to 5 users.

Sales tax management

QuickBooks Enterprise automatically manages the Sales Tax information based on the provincial or territorial rules, which was entered during the initial file creation. This is not an exclusive feature to the Enterprise edition though.

Inventory management

With proper management of your inventory, remove the term 'out of stock' from the enterprise's dictionary. QuickBooks Enterprise has an Advanced Inventory portal that helps you manage the complete process of sales fulfillment from one place.

Multiple currency support

If you are an enterprise operating in multiple countries, you deal with different currencies. Your financial decisions are often influenced by currency conversions and forex fluctuations. QuickBooks Enterprise supports over 150 global currencies.

Industry-specific flavors

Though the standard edition of QuickBooks Enterprise covers all purposes of businesses, QuickBooks Enterprise also has industry-specific versions. These are specially designed to be congruent with terms and verbiages used in specific industries.

Bills of materials

QuickBooks Enterprise compiles all the materials in your inventory and offers you the bill of the materials, which is unlike QuickBooks Pro or Premier versions.

Accountant toolbox

Accountant toolbox is a unique set of all accounting tools which include special utility tools for accountants. It helps in managing and reviewing clients' financial data efficiently. The Accountant Toolbox is available exclusively only in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Fixed assets management

Over time, your fixed assets depreciate due to different reasons. Fixed Asset Manager is a feature in QuickBooks Enterprise to assist you better manage your asset information including terminologies, depreciation methods, and predefined reports.

Detailed reports

With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can get more than 150 comprehensive and detailed reports of all your transactions. You can customize the reports as per your needs.

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Buy QuickBooks Enterprise Licenses

  • Create invoices/estimates
  • Record deposits and payments
  • Generating financial reports
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Combine multiple email
  • Easy way to search QuickBooks company files
  • PO number in subject line
  • Express pick-pack
  • Fixed assets management

Enterprise 20.0

  • Industry-specific versions
  • Sales orders
  • Bills of materials
  • Suitable for large enterprises

QuickBooks Enterprise

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Maximum users allowed 30
Sales tax management yes
Inventory management yes
Multiple currency support yes
Industry-specific versions yes
Sales orders yes
Bills of materials yes
Accountant toolbox yes
Fixed assets management yes
Detailed reports More than 150 reports
Manage accounts receivables/payables yes
Create invoices/estimates/purchase orders yes
Record deposits and payments yes
Generating financial reports yes
Accept credit card payments yes
Automatic payment reminders yes
Online backup option yes
Search invoice by PO numbers yes
Consolidate multiple invoice in one email yes
Track invoice status at one place yes
Batch Invoicing yes
Set individual user permissions yes
Work two company files at the same time yes
Track up to 1 million items yes
14 predefined user roles yes
Multi-user mode yes
TSheets Elite option yes
Assisted Payroll yes
One-click reports yes
Import data from Excel, Quicken, etc. yes
Company Snapshot yes
Forecast sales and expenses yes
Express pick-pack yes
Customized inventory reports yes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How does QuickBooks Enterprise work?

Suitable for up to 30 users, QuickBooks Enterprise is the most advanced edition of QuickBooks. It is designed to manage huge amount of transactional data. If you deal with large amount of accounting data (which is generally the case with enterprises), QuickBooks Enterprise helps you manage your accounting and business requirements with relative ease.

2. What are the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise, which are not available in Pro and Premier editions?

All the features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier are available in QuickBooks Enterprise - and more. It has more features, functionality, and flexibility than Pro and Premier editions. It has more customizable options and an Advanced Reporting tool, which is claimed to be the most powerful reporting tool in the industry. It also has excellent range of user access controls. Strong and powerful accounting management tools like entry, batch delete, reclassify, and period copy reporting capabilities.

3. Is it easy to use QuickBooks Enterprise?

If you have been using QuickBooks Pro or Premier, you will be very comfortable with QuickBooks Enterprise as it offers similar look-and-feel and works exactly the same way. Even if you are new to QuickBooks, there is a free online training to help you get acquainted with the new features.

4. How many users can be added to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise allows up to 30 users. It is extremely simple to add and subtract user licenses. The add-on users can start working on QuickBooks Enterprise right away as they don't need to get CDs to upgrade the new software.

5. Which type of businesses use QuickBooks Enterprise?

Generally, small and medium-sized businesses with 20-250 employees that have a turnover of over $1 million/year use QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks Enterprise is also preferred by certain type of industries as it has specific features related to the industry. Moreover, if you want certain features that are not available to QuickBooks Pro or Premier, you can upgrade to the Enterprise edition.

6. How would I know if QuickBooks Enterprise is the right solution for me?

If you have any questions on selecting a particular QuickBooks edition, feel free to contact our Apps4Rent experts. Get free consulting from our team once you specify your requirements.

7. Which industries have specific editions of QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise is available for industry-specific editions for industries such as construction, manufacturing, wholesale, field services, nonprofit, retail, professional services, and accounting professional.

8. Can I migrate QB Pro or Premier edition to QuickBooks Enterprise?

Yes. Migrating QuickBooks company files from one version to another is simple and fast. If you are using QB Pro or Premier edition, you can easily upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise to enjoy the added benefits.

9. Is there money back guarantee? Are there any promotions or offers?

Yes. QuickBooks Enterprise customers are satisfied with the ease of operation and user-friendliness of the software. Intuit offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you don't like QuickBooks Enterprise. Contact our sales team for promotions.

10. If I am using QuickBooks Enterprise, can my accountant manage my files?

Yes. QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant is designed to assist accountants who use QuickBooks Enterprise. It makes the job of your accountant very easy.

11. Why purchase QuickBooks Enterprise licenses from Apps4Rent?

Apps4Rent offers significant discounts on QuickBooks Enterprise licensing plans. Apps4Rent is known for brilliantly managing the 3 P's - People, Pricing, and Product. We deliver genuine licenses (product) at lucrative discounts (pricing) which is in the best interest of our customers (people). Also, if you intend to host QuickBooks Enterprise in the Cloud, it is very convenient to have a single vendor for both licensing as well as hosting. You don't get billed separately, saving you a lot of hassle if you same vendor.

12. I also want to host QuickBooks Enterprise on Cloud. Does Apps4Rent offer hosting service?

Yes. Apps4Rent also offers hosting services for QuickBooks Enterprise. See QuickBooks Enterprise hosting page.

Vanessa, Account Manager, Kansas City, Missouri

"QuickBooks Enterprise is the best accounting tool for companies dealing with huge data. It is simple, intuitive, and supports many users at a given time. I purchased QuickBooks Enterprise licenses as well as hosting services from Apps4Rent. The services have been smooth so far."

Abe, Operations Head, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I was wondering why buy QuickBooks Enterprise licenses from Apps4Rent when you can purchase it directly from Intuit. At Apps4Rent, you get individual attention even for tiniest of issues. If you intend to go for hosting later, all you need to do is just a simple phone call."

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