How to Use OBS Studio with Webex?

Webex has features to make your meetings seamless and secure. It provides your remote workforce a secure platform to come together and share information that matters. What Webex lacks is optimum control over your footage and settings options to make them aesthetically appealing. You can use the capabilities of OBS Studio along with Webex to overcome the shortcomings and augment the quality of your web meetings. You can also combine sources from your webcam, microphone, computer screen, and web conferencing applications to broadcast multiple scenes in a grid view.

How Does OBS Support Video Conferencing?

OBS Studio is a freeware that allows you to record and live stream high definition videos. The software can be configured on all Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. With OBS Studio, you can record videos of any length. OBS also allows long hours of uninterrupted HD streaming on several popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. It is an open-source program, which makes it a good host for other software applications and plugins. OBS Studio can be used in conjunction with other video conferencing tools to fill in for the features they usually lack.

Why Use OBS with Webex?

There is a myriad of benefits of using OBS Studio with Webex. Some crucial benefits are listed here.

  • OBS Studio is free to use and provides plenty of customization options to make-premium quality videos.
  • OBS allows you to use features such as grid view, overlay, and picture-in-picture to help you tell your story more clearly.
  • By using OBS Studio with Webex, you can broadcast high-definition videos live on various streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.
  • You can also apply various video enhancing features offered by OBS Studio before your streams go live.
  • While screencasting, you can add your brand logo, signature image, or name to personalize your videos.
  • You can explain a complex topic to other participants in the Webex meeting or viewers by sharing your screen along with your webcam footage.
  • You can adjust the quality of your production and apply eye-soothing filters and transition effects.

How Does OBS Work with Webex?

OBS can be integrated with tons of third-party applications, enabling you to enjoy the added benefits. As OBS is open source, you can access its code and make changes according to your requirements or can simply install additional software that does the same for you. This feature allows third-party applications to integrate OBS Studio with Webex. The additional setup of the external software enables you to use Webex as a source and OBS Studio as the encoder for customizing the streams. You can send your content across several live streaming websites with a few clicks.

Why Host Your OBS Studio on Virtual Desktops?

OBS Studio opens doors for endless possibilities, enabling you to customize your Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex meetings. However, the performance and functionality of OBS Studio largely depend on the availability of adequate CPU and GPU resources. If you want to store your HD video recordings, additional storage requirements will also add. Hosting the software in a virtual machine can eliminate local infrastructure limitations. A dedicated OBS hosting plan by Apps4Rent can ensure that you can seamlessly access OBS Studio from anywhere, anytime, using various handheld and desktop devices. Contact Apps4Rent to know more about affordable hosting plans via phone, chat, or email today.


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