New Intuit Account for QuickBooks Desktop Management

Intuit never fails to improve its features with the passing time to help accounting professionals more efficiently increase productivity while ensuring data security. With one such initiative, Intuit is has introduced improved security protocols and user experience for the QuickBooks Desktop users. Intuit has made it necessary for the Company owner to create and log in to an Intuit account while opening the Company file. Let us break down how the new Intuit account feature helps the Company owner better manage QuickBooks Desktop access and permissions.

What Is an Intuit Account?

An Intuit account provides you the ability to manage your users and information across all Intuit offerings under an account. It allows you to securely access all the powerful products of Intuit with a single source login. You can use an Intuit account to login and manage your QuickBooks Desktop software and connected services.

QuickBooks Desktop Admin user grants access and permissions to other users to access the Company file. In contrast, Intuit account Primary Admin user grants access and permission to access QuickBooks Company file connected services.

What Are the Benefits of an Intuit Account?

An Intuit account gives you access to all Intuit products through a single account, which means you need only one User ID and Password. When you update login details or account information, it gets updated across all Intuit products in use. This eliminates the need for manually updating account information in each induvial service.

By logging into the QuickBooks Company file, you get access to basic QuickBooks Desktop features, for example, creating invoices or paying bills. On the other hand, logging into the Inuit account will give you additional access to all other QuickBooks services such as Payroll direct deposit, Payroll Workforce, QuickBooks Payments, QuickBooks by TSheets time tracking, Receipt management, and more. With an Intuit account, you get an additional security level while managing access and permissions to QuickBooks Desktop software and connected services.

What Can You Do with an Intuit Account?

Using an Intuit account, you can invite users and assign roles. This invitation doesn’t provide the users with access to the QuickBooks Desktop Company file but allows them to access selected products used by the QuickBooks Company file. It helps you keep company data secure while allowing users to access critical areas of QuickBooks Desktop to complete their tasks.

An Intuit account also allows you to manage invited users and their roles. It lets you control access to connected QuickBooks services for a Company file. However, this management is not about the user’s access or permissions to the Company file.

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