Live Streaming Graduations with OBS Studio

Graduation is an important event for anyone who has been a part of a high school, college, or university. It is a celebration of students’ biggest achievement. They give years of hard work and dedication to celebrate this day. Not only students but everyone who has been with them in their journey wants to join the graduation ceremony. Significant advancements in technology have now made it possible to live stream graduations and include everyone in the celebration. OBS Studio is one of the advanced solutions that help you live stream your events on several popular platforms.

Why Live Stream Graduations?

Many of the graduates’ friends, family members, and associates wish to attend the ceremony, but long and arduous travel prevents them. Moreover, as the coronavirus is making rounds across the globe, it is not possible for everyone to be physically present at the event. Broadcasting graduations can help you ensure no one misses the big day, no matter who they are, no matter where they are. Broadcasting your event can yield many benefits, including improved flexibility and reduced costs of the event.

What All You Need to Go Live?

It takes a combination of appropriate software and hardware equipment to form a perfect live streaming kit. If you want to broadcast the graduation ceremony in real-time, the following components are the basic requirement.

  • Stable internet connection
  • Web camera
  • Encoder
  • Microphone
  • Lighting equipment

How Much Does Live Streaming Graduations Cost?

Live streaming can cost somewhere between too much and too little, depending on the encoder you choose. Some streaming software programs come at a monthly subscription, while some others are free. OBS Studio attempts to bring you premium features while being free. You can pair it up with your existing hardware devices such as webcam, microphone, and other peripherals and start streaming.

Why Stream Graduation Ceremonies with OBS Studio?

OBS Studio, or Open Broadcaster Software Studio, facilitates HD recording and live streaming on all popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. It provides you numerous customization options to ensure your streams deliver on the user’s screen in high quality and without any interruptions. You can include local images, audio, and text elements in your streams. OBS is an open-source program and can integrate with various plugins and software for capability and performance improvement. The software can be used on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

By using OBS Studio for live streaming the graduation ceremony, you can make the event easier to attend for native and remote students, college alumni, staff, parents, and associates of the graduates. The software allows you to set up unlimited scenes so that you can cover a 360-degree view of the event. You can deploy multiple cameras and capture various scenes that you can switch in between as you wish. You can also incorporate various sound effects to make the audio output pleasant to the audience.

How to Get a Lag-Free Performance Out of OBS Studio?

OBS Studio can help you capture and broadcast moments such as graduates tossing the caps. To make sure your software performs well and remains available on all the connected devices like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, you can host it in the cloud. Apps4Rent is a leading provider of dedicated OBS hosting plans and can help you deploy and manage your software with the utmost ease. We host your applications in our robust and secure data centers and Azure. Our hosting specialists are available around the clock over phone, chat, and email to assist you. Contact us today.

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