How to Use GIMP with Scalable Resources on Cloud?

GIMP is one of the most popular open-source cross platform image editor software used by graphics designers, photographers, illustrators, etc. Although it’s an image processing application, there are many video games created using images processed in GIMP. GIMP is tough competition to many of the licensed software like Adobe Photoshop. Applications like GIMP do not have high computing demands and can easily be run on a hosted or cloud-based solution.

What Are the Advantages of Hosting GIMP on Cloud?

GIMP cloud hosting can solve many problems associated with running the application on physical desktop computers.

  • Resources like number CPUs, RAM/memory, and storage, are scalable as per requirements.
  • It provides remote access to powerful resources for running computing-resource intensive GIMP workloads if the project requirement is as such.
  • You can access your GIMP on the cloud from anywhere in the world from any desktop/laptop/mobile device with internet connectivity.
  • It is possible to store large volumes of GIMP projects in the cloud.

With GIMP, You Get:

  • Ability to use Darktable or RawTherapee to process raw images.
  • Images adjustment features, including many colors option like color balance, color temperature, hue-chroma, hue-saturation, and shadow highlights to name a few.
  • Filters like blur, sharpen, unsharpen, and many more.
  • Variety of tools for photos, editing, and graphics designing that can be accessed via toolbox panel.
  • Smart selection tools like foreground select, and paths allow the creation of Bezier curves.
  • Alignment tools and a variety of transform tools like, a unified transform which allows to perform multiple transformations, rotate tool, scale too, flip tool, wrap transformation, etc.
  • Paint tools including bucket fill, gradient, paint brush, airbrush, clone, heal, etc.
  • Layer system, also known as blend modes in Photoshop. GIMP has more layers to offer using which you can create complex photo manipulation compositions, blend multiple images or layers

Apps4Rent Can Help

Apps4Rent offers virtual/remote desktops on the cloud which are scalable based on your requirement for hosting GIMP. Since the virtual desktop is on cloud, it can be accessed from any local PC/laptop, Windows, or Mac, which has internet connectivity. No configuration change is required on your local PC/laptop. Call, chat or email our virtual/remote desktop specialists, available 24/7 for assistance.

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