How to Get the Most Out of ActivTrak?

ActivTrak is an advanced workforce and productivity platform for generating data-driven insights to improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency using intuitive reports and dashboards. Managers can track productivity trends across teams and individuals, assess the focus and engagement in teams, recognize and resolve bottlenecks in workflows, generate alerts for corporate policy exceptions, and coach their employees better. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of using ActivTrak as the preferred workforce analytics software in businesses and enterprises to analyze trends, predict future outcomes, and generate actionable insights.

What Are the Important Uses of ActivTrak?

ActivTrak can be configured quickly to support several use cases, improve business outcomes, and enhance employee and customer experience. Here are some of the most advantages of using of ActivTrak.

  • Businesses can use productivity reports and personal insights reports to spot patterns and optimize processes.
  • Managers of distributed teams can gain access to contextual and actionable productivity insights with details such as app usage, total and productive work time.
  • Engagement and efficiency metrics can be used to encourage healthy work habits, distribute workloads better, reduce burnout, and prevent employee turnover.
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement with flexible configuration options to promote transparency and collaboration.
  • Businesses can uncover methods to streamline their application stack with the software usage tracking capability.

How to Optimize ActivTrak Usage?

ActivTrak offers several features, many of which remain underutilized. Here is how businesses can take the maximum advantage of ActivTrak.

  • Admins can configure alarms that can be triggered when certain conditions, such as a website visit, use of a USB device, or other such events are recorded in the Activity Log.
  • The ActivConnect add-on can be used to generate advanced insights using SQL queries, create custom reports with business intelligence tools such as Power BI or Tableau, and integrate with other Customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise performance management (EPM), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms.
  • Organizations with distributed teams can take advantage of the scheduling feature to monitor agents and employees across different time zones.
  • If a user works on multiple machines, admins can assign the same alias to different user IDs to combine them as a single entity for reporting.
  • ActivTrak offers several deployment options for remote users without having to physically visit the workstations.
  • The “Do Not Track” option can be used when the same machine is used by several users. This will reduce the license count and provide a cleaner data set.
  • Businesses can set up Non-Admin Dashboard User groups to restrict the roles and permissions for managers who need data that is specific only to their teams.

Apps4Rent Can Help with ActivTrak

Organizations can use a comprehensive workforce analytics solution such as ActivTrak to optimize workflows, empower their employees, and establish a culture of improved performance by using it proactively and positively.

As an ActivTrak Certified MSP Partner, Apps4Rent can help businesses deploy and configure the solution based on their unique requirements. We can provide virtual desktops with ActivTrak to empower your remote workforce. Call, chat, or email our ActivTrak experts available 24/7 to know more about our fully managed service.

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