How to Use BluePay with QuickBooks?

BluePay is a popular technology-enabled payment processing solution that has now been integrated with Clover in the First Data/ Fiserv family. The full-service merchant solution offers a wide range of payment methods to accept and process payments from different points of sale, including countertop POS terminals, mobile devices, and websites. With Clover BluePay, small and medium businesses can take advantage of the full range of payment and point-of-sale options with advanced PCI-compliant security methods to simplify their business processes. In this article, we will explore how businesses can use Clover BluePay with QuickBooks Desktop, another popular application for small and medium businesses.

What Are the Advantages of Using Clover BluePay with QuickBooks Desktop?

Integrating Clover BluePay with QuickBooks Desktop provides a secure and seamless solution for managing financial transactions. Here are the main advantages of integrating BluePay with QuickBooks Desktop.

  • It allows businesses to accept payments using credit cards, online methods, near field communications (NFC), and other options and generate detailed reports in QuickBooks for transparency.
  • The speed of transactions can be significantly enhanced with contact-free orders and payments.
  • It eliminates data-double entry and is a comprehensive digital alternative to cash registers.
  • Businesses can save significantly more with the simplified integration with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Businesses owners have a flexible solution that can be used to accept payments from anywhere.

How to Connect Clover BluePay and QuickBooks?

While BluePay had consolidated its SMB offerings under the Clover name, after which the brand has been dissolved, users can follow the steps below to use Clover with QuickBooks.

  • Install the sync tool from the App Market from the Clover Home Page.
  • Connect QuickBooks Desktop with Clover on the PC on which the application is installed.
  • Select the appropriate QuickBooks company file with which the integration has to work.
  • Authorize the integration by providing the appropriate credentials.
  • The data can be imported and exported across Clover and QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Verify that the data has been imported correctly, and there are no errors.
  • Once the verification is complete, perform a test sale to ensure that the data is transferred to QuickBooks.
  • The preview of the sales information will be available in the QuickBooks account. This test sale can eventually be deleted.

This integration will allow businesses to easily accept payments, track and reward customers, and shorten the transaction cycles.

Apps4Rent Can Host QuickBooks with Other Financial Applications

Integrating QuickBooks with Clover BluePay creates a seamless bookkeeping and payment processing experience. The integration is designed to protect sensitive customer data. Moreover, as a one-source payment solution, it reduces costs by minimizing overheads.

While Clover can be used on any machine, the same is not true with QuickBooks Desktop which is an on-premises application.

One of the easiest and most secure methods for accessing QuickBooks Desktop is using cloud hosting. As an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider, Apps4Rent can host the desktop-based QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise in our top-tier SSAE-16 data centers in New York and New Jersey. Reach out to our QuickBooks hosting specialists, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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