Document Security, Version, Revision, and Approval Tracking with Hosted SharePoint

Organizations today are looking at document management systems that build a collaborative environment, are easy to implement and scalable, and have provisions for management of document security, version control, revision and approval tracking. Ensuring the security of business data is undoubtedly one of the prime concerns. Very often safeguarding and storing information involves investing heavily in systems which can be handled only by a few “techies”. Do you too lose your productive time trying to retrieve a particular version of a document? For offices or team members across different geographical locations, it is critical that all documents are available at a centralized location in the form of a document library for easy and quick access. Moreover, it is essential to set document security and be able to view revisions made. What organizations require is a central repository for storing documents along with the functionality to track versions.

Hosted Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site enables you to effectively manage your organization’s data, which otherwise involves high costs and complexity. Hosted Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 makes available hosted application templates free with Hosted SharePoint service plans. These SharePoint Services hosting templates are highly scalable and flexible. These can be deployed quickly and with ease in organizations of different sizes. SharePoint hosting makes it possible to share information pertaining to a document with all the team members. SharePoint services provide enhanced features to securely manage document libraries. They can be deployed to build customized web based applications specific to the needs of your organization. The basic Microsoft SharePoint hosting plan is available at a cost of $8.95 per month with access for unlimited users from hosted Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange service providers such as Apps4Rent. One can also upgrade to a low cost dedicated SharePoint server with hyper-v hosting. Also available additionally is a free package of 40 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hosting templates developed by Microsoft. The hosted SharePoint templates are available instantly once you sign up for a basic SharePoint hosting plan.

The Document Library and Review SharePoint Services hosted template facilitates document management. This template simplifies the review process and helps in looking up document records as and when required. This template helps teams to manage the review of documents from a single location. It could be the review process for new product specification, publication, knowledge management, or project plan development. Some features of this template are a version tracking document library, record of old version history, revision control, and approvals. Team members can upload documents and check them out for offline review and editing. The Document Library and Review template has the provision for threaded discussion lists to provide feedback and add posts for documents reviewed. Now Sign up with Apps4Rent for SharePoint 2013 Hosting services.

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