How to Broadcast TV Channel with OBS?

Most organizations and individuals broadcast short series or one-time events such as concerts, business conferences, product announcements, townhalls, and other events that have a beginning and end. As more people are switching from cable TV to over-the-top OTT media services, there is an increase in demand for continuous online live streams. Consequently, many businesses are turning to 24/7 OBS streaming, which is also called linear video production. In this article, we will explain how to broadcast live on a 24-hour TV channel with OBS.

Why OBS for TV Channel Broadcasting?

While there are several tools and software applications designed for streaming content for both longer and shorter durations, OBS continues to be the preferred option for TV channel broadcasting for various reasons.

  • It is an open-source application, and there is no cost for using software alone.
  • It includes several built-in features that are available with paid solutions.
  • It is easily customizable for automating streams with plugins and JavaScript.
  • It supports a wide range of inputs for streaming.
  • The software is regularly updated with new features, with the option to request new features, and enjoys good community support.

How to Broadcast to TV Channel With OBS?

While OBS is not specifically designed as a broadcasting software for automated content delivery, it can be used for 24/7 broadcast to TV channels. Here is how content can be broadcast to TV channels with OBS.

  • Download and install OBS Studio on the machine that will be used for streaming.
  • Add a Scene with an appropriate name after launching the OBS Studio application.
  • Add appropriate Sources, such as the background and inputs to the scene. Select the option to play the video/ music in a loop if required.
  • Add text, such as “Live” or “Now Playing” to the screen.
  • Use a media player to play audio/ video that OBS supports for encoding and adjust the settings as per requirements.
  • Navigate to Settings>Stream and select the platform to which the content has to be streamed.
  • Click on Output and choose the appropriate level for rescaling.
  • Click on Video, and select the appropriate resolution, and click on Ok and then start streaming when ready.

Why Virtual Dedicated Server for Broadcasting TV Channel with OBS?

One of the disadvantages of using a personal computer to broadcast 24/7 TV channel content with OBS is that the machine has to be kept online continuously. The alternative is to use a virtual server for broadcasting TV channel content with OBS. Here are the advantages of using a virtual server for streaming TV channel content with OBS.

  • The server can continue to stream your content even when your laptop/ computer is switched off.
  • Workflows can be automated, so that content creators can focus on the creative aspect without worrying about the infrastructure.
  • The CPU, storage, and other resources are scalable so that you can opt for a plan based on your requirements.
  • There is no infrastructure overhead apart from the recording devices, as the servers are available as an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution with flexible payment options.

Apps4Rent Can Help with Setup to Broadcast TV Channel with OBS

While there are several providers offering servers for broadcasting content, Apps4Rent is a pioneer in offering share and dedicated GPU-enabled virtual servers and virtual machines using Microsoft and Citrix virtualization technologies in our top tier SSAE 16 level data centers and Azure. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can also provide managed Azure solutions such as Azure Media Services for more complex TV channel broadcasting requirements. Call, chat, or email our cloud experts for assistance.


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