Using Zed Axis with QuickBooks Hosting

Zed Axis is transaction tracking software that enables you to import and export your data from and to QuickBooks. The solution serves all types of industries and can be deployed on-premises with no hassles. It supports various types of files including Excel, Text, IIFs, QIF, QBO, QBX, and OFX. Zed Axis allows transferring transactions related to invoices, estimates, purchase orders, bills, checks, as well as transactions related to journals, credit card statements, time entry, and inventory. Using Zed Axis with hosted QuickBooks is sometimes inevitable for accounting efficiency and business growth.

Why Use Zed Axis with Hosted QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Desktop series provides accountants, CPAs, and businesses of various sizes with the tools that ensure accuracy and efficiency in accounting. With QuickBooks, it is a quick and simple process to track and manage the financial health of your business. However, using the software on your personal computer limits its scalability and availability. Therefore, on-premises installation is not suitable for a multi-user environment or for users who are always on the go. Local installation also affects the functionality and performance of your software. In such situations, running QuickBooks in a cloud environment becomes extremely necessary. You can use Zed Axis alongside QuickBooks to automatically feed data into QuickBooks while it is in the cloud.

How to Use Zed Axis with Hosted QuickBooks?

If you are currently running or planning to move your QuickBooks Desktop solution in the cloud and willing to use Zed Axis along with it, you can host Zed Axis in the same environment. The hosted environment allows you to install and run your software on the remote data servers, and lets you access it via the internet. There are many hosting service providers like Apps4Rent who host your software solutions in a secure application facility and gives you the ability to import, export, modify, and delete QuickBooks transactions using Zed Axis.

You can install Zed Axis next to the QuickBooks Desktop software that is hosted on a remote hosted server or a virtual desktop. Generally, the installation and setup of your applications are taken care of by your hosting service provider and you are asked to follow a few simple instructions. When Zed Axis is correctly configured on the cloud-based servers, you can use it with QuickBooks as you would on your local computer.

What Are the Advantages of Using Zed Axis with QuickBooks?

Reduced Data Entry

Zed Axis eliminates the hassle involved in data import by allowing you to get the process done in 3 simple steps – locating the files to import, selecting how you want the data to appear in QuickBooks, and then processing the import.


The transaction tracking software saves your hours in data entry, enabling you to invest them in more important tasks.

Reduced Human Errors

Human errors inevitably occur while you enter data manually and may prove costly in the long run. Zed Axis helps you get your data quickly and accurately into your QuickBooks Desktop files.

Apps4Rent Can Host Your Accounting Suite in a Virtual Environment

Apps4Rent provides various cloud hosting services for accountants, giving them the freedom to track and manage their books and accounts from anywhere. As an Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Host, Apps4Rent offers its highly secure and scalable environment for hosting QuickBooks solutions and various connected services. From deployment to monitoring to maintenance, we manage your software hosting process end to end. We can host your QuickBooks and Zed Axis software in secure and high-performance cloud data centers. Contact our software hosting experts, available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for hosting plan inquiries.

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