What to Do If Windows Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks?
Windows Firewall blocking QuickBooks

What to Do If Windows Firewall is Blocking QuickBooks?

QuickBooks data files need internet access to work well. QuickBooks software requires real-time data transfer via the internet. Sometimes, the Windows firewall settings often can cause issues, which may lead to errors.

This could prevent QuickBooks from communicating with servers on which data might be stored. Consequently, several operations that might be running in the background might be hampered. It is not uncommon to see QuickBooks errors like “Network diagnostics failed” or “Disable exceptions Firewall not defined” error while running QuickBooks on Windows. While most errors provide the steps to troubleshoot the issue, they might be confusing for some users.

In this article, we will discuss some of the commonly used methods to resolve the issue of Windows Firewall blocking QuickBooks.

Automatic Troubleshooting Method

QuickBooks has developed a tool called QuickBooks File Doctor to diagnose and fix QuickBooks firewall issues and company files. It is available in the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The tool can resolve most of the designated errors that occur while opening company files apart from configuring the Windows firewall correctly and opening the right ports. 

However, the tool does have its own set of drawbacks. Many errors require manual intervention particularly when there are third-party applications involved. We will see some of the other methods to troubleshoot issues by manually configuring the firewall.

How to Manually Troubleshoot Firewall Issues?

Typically, the issues that arise from firewall misconfiguration can be settled by managing firewall exceptions, which can be particularly set for QuickBooks. This can be set for the ports that the software uses, its executable files that may be blocked by Windows or the anti-virus software which might be overriding relevant rules. We will explore all the options in-depth to identify the correct steps needed for troubleshooting Windows firewall issues.

Managing Port Exceptions

In most cases, QuickBooks File Doctor should be able to unblock the ports used by QuickBooks automatically. However, there might be instances when users might experience persistent issues with the internet port such as scenarios when they use multiple versions of QuickBooks and they have misconfigured the ports erroneously. In such scenarios, the port assignment might have to be changed manually. Note the QuickBooks 2019 onwards use dynamic ports whose format would look like 8019, XXXXX. XXXXX. The port number can be found in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Perform the following steps to add firewall port exception for QuickBooks

  • Search for “Windows Defender Firewall” in the search box in Windows Task Bar.
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings.
  • Configure a New Rule for Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules.
  • Select the port identified on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Click on Finish.

Handling Windows Firewall Exceptions

QuickBooks for Windows desktop uses executable files for performing a range of functions in the backend. Some configuration changes might have prevented these files from running. For instance, a generic rule might have erroneously identified some of these files as malware and prevent them from making changes to the system files. These changes might have to be manually overridden to allow the files to run. Replicate the first three steps above and proceed as below:

  • Use the Program option and proceed further.
  • Select all the files belonging to QuickBooks from the “This Program path” option.
  • Allow connections for all the profiles before creating inbound and outbound rules names.

Rectifying Anti-Virus Software Settings

In rare cases, users might have to reconfigure the settings for the anti-virus software used on their systems. Some programs might accidentally revoke general permissions for certain software and QuickBooks might have been one of them. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for managing anti-virus settings for different systems. However, the core idea of ensuring that the ports used by QuickBooks are open and the executable files are not being blocked remains the same for any anti-virus software.

Any Solution If QuickBooks Errors Still Persist?

If you are wondering how safe QuickBooks desktop after is making changes to the anti-virus and firewall configurations, those fears are largely unfounded. The security on QuickBooks is not compromised even if you make these changes. While we do hope that these steps help you resolve the QuickBooks firewall errors, we recommend that you migrate to hosted QuickBooks if the errors persist.

A service provider like Apps4Rent can manage all QuickBooks security related issues apart from providing round-the-clock support for all issues including managing the Windows firewall settings. Contact our experts for assistance today.

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