How Is Windows 365 Cloud PC Beneficial for ITAM?

Microsoft has recently started focusing on developing products and services to support the hybrid work model. Among a slew of releases involving rebranding and launch of new products, Windows 365 Cloud PC has emerged as one of the most important products specifically designed to support remote and hybrid workplaces. It is the first virtualization solution that can stream a Windows experience to any internet device securely with a significantly lower bandwidth requirement than similar solutions. It allows users to resume work using another device while accessing Windows 365 Cloud PC as the state of apps, files, data, and settings are preserved even after the session ends. In this article, we will focus on the advantages of Windows 365 Cloud PC for IT asset managers (ITAM) in enterprises.

What Are the Benefits of Windows 365 Cloud PC for IT Asset Managers?

Windows 365 Cloud PC offers several advantages over other virtualization solutions for IT asset managers. Here are some of the advantages of selecting Windows 365 Cloud PC for enterprises.

  • Facilitates Employee Onboarding

    Windows 365 Cloud PC is designed to simplify the process of onboarding new users. IT asset managers can provision and customize Windows 365 Cloud PCs for new users, regardless of their locations and type of devices they use, within hours. Such users can continue to use the technologies, including the Windows operating system, and apps that they are already familiar with using devices that they own. This also ensures the safety of the organization’s digital assets.

  • Lowers Capital Expenditure on Hardware

    Windows 365 Cloud PC includes Windows 10 (and Windows 11) operating systems. These machines can be accessed on devices using other operating systems, such as Android, Mac OS, and Linux. IT asset managers can opt for less powerful machines to save capital costs or provide the flexibility to employees to choose their own devices. The Windows 365 Cloud PCs can be managed centrally, similar to existing on-premises machines. The choice of the equipment becomes less of a challenge even while allowing users to enjoy a consistent experience of the native Microsoft platform.

  • Improves Security

    The security of an organization’s data is the primary concern for IT asset managers. Windows 365 Cloud PC is built on the Zero Trust framework. This ensures that IT asset managers can configure policies that require authentication and authorization for explicit verification of devices and identities. Connections with Windows 365 Cloud PCs are encrypted. The Cloud PCs can be managed using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, allowing ITAM professionals to monitor usage metrics and other important data.

Apps4Rent Can Help ITAM with Windows 365 Cloud PC

While Windows 365 Cloud PC is designed to make using the solution easier for the non-IT workforce, enterprises often require customization that is unique to their requirements. Windows 365 Cloud PC is a relatively new solution and is still a work-in-progress. There are limited configuration options, many of which might require PowerShell scripting.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for the Cloud Platform competency and a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can help ITAM professionals migrate and set up Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop for their organizations. Reach out to our virtualization advisors available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for assistance.

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