VMware vSphere Vs. Microsoft Hyper–V

When it comes to hypervisors to run your virtual machine, experts have consistently pitted VMware’s vSphere against Microsoft’s Hyper–V. Whereas the truth is that both have their pros and cons and depending on the context of application, both may be considered as options.

It’s worthwhile then, to look into the comparison between the two and investigate why you should choose one over the other.

vSphere was introduced in the market much before Hyper-V. The fact that the product has managed to build a legion of hardcore users who swear by their brand, is not without a reason. Be it handling demanding workloads, effortlessly hoisting that into the cloud or intelligently adapt to the most challenging IT environments, vSphere does it all with extreme sophistication.

But so does Microsoft’s Hyper V.

There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish with Hyper-V that you can with vSphere. Hyper–V loyalists will tell you it is second to none. The biggest advantage that Hyper–V has over vSphere is price. It’s markedly cheaper yet extends the same sophistication and user experience to customers. For example, Apps4Rent’s Hyper-V server plan with 4GB RAM and 40 GB storage costs just $49/month. A comparable hosted virtual server based on VMWare vSphere is priced over $100/month.

To understand the real difference, one must look at the functional level features of both, that will help to choose one over the other. While both can perform many functionalities, there are few differences which sets apart Hyper V from vSphere.

Here, Apps4Rent makes it easier for you by laying down the key differences in features that are important to end users and server administrators:


Features vSphere Hyper-V
Access Windows Desktop YES YES
Snapshots YES YES
Installing Applications YES YES
3rd Party Multipathing (MPIO) YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES
Offloaded Data Transfer YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES
Virtual Machine Live Migration YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES
Shared-Nothing Live Migration YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES
Network Virtualization YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES
Incremental Backups YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES
VM Replication YES (Available on 5.1 Enterprise Plus) YES


The major difference between the two, as described above is the price. Hyper–V is the significantly lower-priced option with the Windows OS license typically included in Hyper-V hosting price. On VMware hosted server, it may be charged extra. With Apps4Rent, you get it at the lowest price in the market. For that reason, the momentum is with Hyper-V.

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